Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

RoomCon Art

jimmyholloman finally gave me a deadline, so I buckled down this past week and started work on the cover for RoomCon's conbook.

This is what I've got so far:
It's a Small World Room Con

It's based off of this design:

I looked at a lot of images for reference for this piece before I started. Originally, I wanted to do something based off of images from the Disney ride. But the way the ride is broken up into sections for different parts of the world, no single image from it really captures the shallow, multicultural glory of the experience. But the image above was perfect: small, simple, and vaguely disturbing in the way that only "It's a Small World"-inspired images can be.

I didn't imitate it that closely, in part because I had a hard time getting costume details into such small bodies, and in part because I thought the cartoon images for my source were particularly appalling in their ugliness, and I just couldn't bear to draw something that unappealling.

Anyway, I'm thinking of trying to redraw it and get the hands and feet to line up better for mine; I've already fiddled with it some in Photopaint, but I'm not entirely happy with it. I'm also considering replacing the jedi with a Darth Vader. I'd kinda like to replace either the valkyrie or the Vampirella with a less cheese-cakey female fen, but ... all the stereotypically female con costumes I can think of are cheesecakey.

I'd like to fit the title for the conbook into the space between the feet, preferably in the same style font as the original. (Any of you font wonks know a font like that one?) Maybe something like "It's a Small WorldCon"?

Suggestions welcome, especially from Jimmy -- it's his conbook, after all! =)
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