Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Small RoomWorldCon: Take Two

I made another try at the RoomWorldCon artwork, substituting a stormtrooper for the Jedi, and a woman in a Renfaire-style garb for the one in the platemail bikini. Oh, and I added lettering.

I like how the stormtrooper came out, although I think my original Klingon was better than the new one. I wound up hand-lettering the words instead of hunting for the right font; the original didn't have the uniform size-and-shape look that a font has anyway.

While I could try tipping together figures from the old and new, I don't think that'll work very well, since the style of the figures changed perceptibly between the two versions. So I think I'll just settle for this version, especially since I'm drawing close to my deadline. I promise I'll email Murray this weekend with the a clean high-res copy and my bio, Jimmy. Honest!
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