Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


jimmy_hollaman was asking me about art for the RoomCon artshow, so I was looking through my collection of stuff to see what I wanted to bring. My plan was to send 4x6" images to a photo place to develop: it would make nice, high-quality, cheap prints. And they'd fit in the 4x6" frames Jimmy brought last year. Jimmy offered to bring larger frames or to have me bring bigger pictures. But while it's true that I like working large, I really love the small frames for RoomCon. They're perfectly in keeping with the whole "minature con" theme.

I thought that there'd be a bunch of different images I'd be willing to use, and I was considering making a poll to weed them down. But as it turns out, there were only five pieces I thought would be worth it, and I'm feeling too lazy to even thumbnail and post them. Almost all of you have seen them all before anyway, though you may not remember them.

For the record, they're:

* the three females in kimonos
* Spring dance (a woman in red with the silhouette of a man behind her, against wintery-looking woods)
* Another pretty face (a very generic female portrait with a ribbon tattoo on her face)
* Medusa (one of the stripey-woman icons I did for queenofstripes)
* Sythyry stands guard (the portrait of Sythyry that I did a couple of years ago).

Somehow, I thought there'd be more. But that's really about it for what I want to bring. For that matter, I'm tempted to throw out "Another Pretty Face". But I've a feeling Jimmy will be disappointed if I didn't bring at least a FEW pieces, even if he did say it wasn't a requirement. :)

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