Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

A dream of thieves

I should keep a notepad by my bed so I can write down my dreams when I wake up at 5:00AM after having one. This one was somewhat amusing.

By dream-logic, I was at a friend's mansion, or possibly at some kind of school or museum. Unlike most of my dreams, the location is not familiar to my waking mind. I remember that I was watching some security cameras with someone else, and we noticed on one of them that a case, previously full of trophies, was empty. (These were, according to the person I was with, enormously valuable trophies, worth millions. Even in the dream I wondered about that valuation.)

I'm not sure how, but I became aware that there were at least two male burglars in the mansion. (I think I saw them on another monitor.) I ran down a hallway and into another room where the mansion's security system was. It looked like an exceedingly complicated stereo system. I punched buttons on it, trying to find the one that would eject whatever media (videotape, CD, DVD) the security cameras were recording to. I was terribly worried that the burglars were going to show up in the room with me. I couldn't find the right controls for the eject, (I think I managed to get it to pop out a Warcraft3 CD or something), but I found a button marked "911" and hit it. Then I started searching the room for a gun.

While I was looking, a large, black-haired, unpleasant-looking woman entered the room. She waved a pair of sharp scissors menacingly at me. "Looking for these?"

I looked at her incredulously. "No," I said, "I was looking for a gun." I advanced on her, grabbed the hand she was holding the scissors in, then manuevered to twist it behind her back, and wrapped my other arm around her throat while I stood behind her, pushing her arm up until she dropped the scissors, which I then recovered. "But thank you for these anyway." I held them against her throat while she struggled rather futilely. I tried to figure out what to do with her next. There was a tangle of extension cords and cables on the floor, and I thought I could tie her up with them, but she was keeping me too busy hanging onto her to use my hands for something else.

At this point, the person I'd been watching the monitors with earlier showed up. I had him secure my prisoner with the cords, then I went back over to the security unit to talk to the 911 operator. About here is where I woke up.
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