Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Image from the Gaelic Fest

I was looking at pictures from the Gaelic Festival. The ones taken of me were taken with the camera facing into the sun, so they wound up with the figures underexposed. However, I noticed something else in them that made me decide to post one anyway.

I fiddled with this a little in Photopaint so that the figures would be less dark, although the whole is now a little washed out. In the foreground is the mumbling madwoman who did such a great performance, and me looking down on her with aristocratic pity.

However, if you look in the background, there's another figure distinct just past me. A detail shot:

That's Death, looming all-but unnoticed in the background. You can even see in his skeletal hands the rose he gave me later. :) Those skeletal gloves are pretty effective in the photo, too.

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