Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Evolution, Part Two

I found an article on the theory of punctuated equilibrium, which it turns out I massively mangled in my previous post on evolution. Or, rather, didn't address at all. What I described as "leap from one species to brand-new species in a single generation" is known as "macromutationism," and has little, if any, following. "Punctuated equilibrium" theorizes that new species evolve from previous species 'quickly' only in the geological sense. "Quick" in this case means mere millenia, five to ten thousand years. Darwin's original theory offered "gradualism", or change in species over millions of years.

Puntuctuated equilibrium fits the facts of the fossil record pretty well, and isn't as unbelieveable as macromutationism. Haven't read enough on it to say whether it's provable or disprovable based on evidence, but it seems to be the basis for useful research, so I'm happier with it. :)
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