Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Nine hours really isn't that much time, y'know?

I had today off, as one of the perks of working at a bank is that you get all the federal holidays. I dwadled around with my boyfriend, Lut, in the morning, before he had to get ready for work--he's not employed by a bank, you see, but he doesn't go to work until 10AM on Mondays, right now. Then I spent a couple of hours doing laundry. Apparently President's Day is a big day for doing laundry, because I saw about eight other people down there at various times as I loaded and unloaded machines.

After that, I ate lunch, read my online comics, then worked on various notes for Apagorevo--none of which was directly connectd to any plots I might run there, of course, just miscellaneous background notes. Then I did some notes for the Elise story I was going to run tonight, which failed to materialize when Brenna showed up feeling poorly. But by then, the "day off" portion of my day was already over, since by that time I'd have been home even if I had gone to work.

Sigh. And now I'm up late when I should be in bed. G'night LJ.
Tags: life

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