Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Not Dead Yet

I haven't posted in months. It's not that I've forgotten about LiveJournal; I still read my friends list (although, granted, I'm over a week back and about to get much farther behind). It's just that, um, every time I sit down to write something at a computer, it turns out to be a message for bard_bloom's +Terrible Butterflies+ play-by-email game.

Which is an awesome game, obviously. I could write about it, but like most games, I suspect it's a lot more fun to play it than to hear someone else talk about playing it. Plus, if I was gong to write about it I might as well just send another message to the PBEM and I'm trying to do an LJ post here. Right?

But other things than butterflies have been going on in my life. I'm still exercising regularly, to my continued surprise. I've been exercising an average of 5+ times per week for nearly two years now. presumably I'll fall off the wagon some day. But not yet.

And I'm going to Florida today! To visit koogrr and jordangreywolf and as many of the other cool Florida people as I can convince to meet up with me while I'm down there. And some cool non-Florida people who happen to be in Florida at the moment: there's a twelve-hour window when beetiger, bard_bloom and projectmothra will be in Florida at the same time I am. They're visiting ladyperegrine, and John and I are going to drive out to her place for breakfast tomorrow morning to see them off.

This is, technically, a business trip. From Wednesday to Friday I'll be attending a user conference on the account management software that my bank has used for the last six years. (Well, technically, the bank has used it for the last eight, but I didn't start using it until the bank merger six years ago.) I'm pretty good with the software, but quite curious to learn more about it. So I'm looking forward to the business part of the trip, too.

But not nearly as much as the pleasure part.

<3 koogrr

See you soon!

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