Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Time Bubble: March 16-18, 2007

[ While I was on vacation in Orlando, I wrote a couple of posts about the trip. I put them in UnfinishedTales instead of here because, um, I can't actually remember the password for rowyn any more. *^_^* Anyway, I'd meant to repost them when I got home. Which I am now. Admittedly, two weeks after I got home, but hey. ]

The flight to Orlando went fine and landed on time at 10:40. John and I went back to his house, where we talked and I posted to the +terrible butterflies+ list and we talked some more, and finally went to sleep at 2AM. Which would've been more reasonable if we hadn't needed to get up at 7AM the next morning to meet the Blooms and ladyperegrine for breakfast.

John set the stereo alarm for 6:30 the next day, but left the stereo turned off at night so it didn't go off. We woke on time anyway, although it was dark enough that we didn't realize how late it was until we'd already been lazing in bed for fifteen or twenty minutes. So we scrambled to get out the door.

We were to meet them at a Denny's near Peregrine's house, and as it turned out, we were early. They were a bit delayed because the Blooms had just found out that their noon flight had been cancelled due to bad weather in New York, and they were scrambling to sort out when they would be leaving. My first thought: "Yes! I'll get to see them for more than two hours!" Second thought: "Uh ... yeah. Sorry to hear about that trouble. Must be a real pain for you. Right." When Peregrine and the Blooms showed up at Denny's and I expressed these thoughts to them, Peregrine laughed and said she'd thought the same thing.

They were switched to a 6PM flight, that was later pushed back to 7:50PM. beetiger said, "It's great except for the part where we get into New York at midnight and have to shovel out our car. But we'd've booked the later flight anyway if we'd know about your trip when we booked ours, so it actually worked out well."

So we ate breakfast and talked, then went back to Peregrine's house to hang out and talk more. We spent time with the kids, too -- Rhys who's three years old, and Peregrine's two kids, Ellie and Daniel. The kids were a lot of fun; very active and friendly. Rhys at one point made a circuit of hugs, running from one adult to the next to collect hugs. Ellie and Rhys and Bard and I played catch together. Rhys, despite being three, is slightly better at catch than his father is. :) We spent most of our time picking the baseball back up off the ground. "This is why Koosh balls were invented."

We also did lots of grown-up talk: exchanging "How we met" stories with Bard and Vicki, (Vicki's had the best line: "One of our friends wanted to set us up, and she told me, 'I think you should meet Bard. He has a bunch of personality flaws that you'll probably consider features.'"), swapping old roleplay stories, talking about tributes to other systems tucked into World Tree (a 'construction' line of spells: "The Ethereal Saw", "The Ethereal Drill", "The Ethereal Plane"), talking about Ideas to Go, jordangreywolf's workplace. Peregrine and John first met there, which resulted in Peregrine's introduction to FurryMUCK and LiveJournal and is therefore, in a roundabout way, how she met the Blooms. Beetiger's interested in being a Creative Consumer, too.

And we marvelled as Rhys fixed the tape player on Peregrine's stereo (it works better if you switch the amplifier the tape setting.)

John and I have both been playing in Bard's +Terrible Butterflies+ PBEM, and we were dying to talk to him about it. Beetiger's been refraining from learning anything about it because she's going to play in the tabletop version. So John and I were initially thinking "Gah! We're gonna have to stop ourselves every two minutes from talking about the game!" But it turned out not to be a problem. Not only did we have lots of other things to talk about, but as we were leaving Denny's, John arranged for Bard to ride back with us. When I realized what that meant, I said, "All right! You got the Bard!" We drove slowly, stopped at two different gas stations for gas (the first was way overpriced, honest), and chattered butterflies nonstop. :) We ended up staying until nearly 4PM, and a few more opportunities arose to chat butterflies while no one else happened to be around, so that was cool too. I'm looking forward to hearing about how the tabletop TB game goes -- it's starting tomorrow.

Overall, it was an awesome visit. I had a great time. Only a few things marred it. Peregrine was just recovering from the flu, with the result that she felt guilty for not being a better hostess, and we felt guilty for hanging out at her house while she wasn't feeling well and had every reason to think she'd be alone for the afternoon with a guest-free house. I think we managed to resolve the twin guilts without too much harm. :) I was exhausted from only five hours of sleep (I'm still kinda tired this morning, and I had more like ten last night). And I felt guilty because we were supposed to meet Jordan around 1-2PM for gaming, and we didn't get over there until 4:30 or so. But I really did want to visit with the Blooms while they were still in town, and I'll get at least one more chance to see Jordan, next Saturday. Hopefully more than that!

So we called Jordan to let him know about the delay, and then again to let him know when we were leaving.

I'd been expecting to play board games, but mach was the only person who was there when we arrived, and Jordan was running the World of Warcraft tabletop RPG for him. So we joined in on that, with John playing his regular character, Easy. I had a guest NPC Jordan had written up for me.

Easy's character concept is that he used to work with a female partner, Nice. Nice had been the brains of the operation, but she'd died in a magical backlash some years ago, and Easy had been somewhat unbalanced ever since. He often thought she was still around, and would consult her for advice.

John's told me a lot about the character and about Nice. So when Jordan asked me a few weeks ago, "Would you like to play Nice's ghost?" I said "OH YES!"

It was awesome. I had so much fun with the character, and even managed to swing one creative and effective use of her spells. She and Easy are both Lawful Neutral, and she's not the kind of character I would make up to play myself. I almost always play good-guy cooperative characters when left to my own devices. So I had a lot of fun playing a character who naturally took charge and regarded everyone else with a sort of casual superiority. I gave her a vampy, hissing, Germanic sort of accent, which I enjoyed doing and John liked. I'm very glad I got to play her last night and am looking forward to playing her again next weekend. I'm only sorry that I was so tired I'd pretty much run out of steam even before the game ended at 8:30PM.

Today, we're lazing around the house for a while before going to meet haikujaguar, playfuleye, elusivetiger, and one person from the +terrible butterflies+ game who I don't know if he has an LJ handle. We're having dinner tonight at the Melting Pot. Should be great.

Having a blast so far. And I've got lots of trip left to enjoy! =)

[ And I did! Enjoy it, that is. Alas, not in Orlando any more. ]
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