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Florida Saturday

As usual, Saturday was one of the highlights of the trip. John and I had three (3!) separate social engagements planned for the day.

Fortunately, the first one didn't start until 2PM, so I slept until 11AM after the late night on Friday, and was reasonably rested for jordan_greywolf's World of Warcraft RPG.

I was once again playing Nice, the ghost of the dead partner to John's character, Easy. We had tons of fun. We found a machine, the Superior Recombobulator, that was spec'd to bring the recently (within 24 hours) dead back to life. None of us knew how to use it, however. But then we found the Book of Infinite Knowledge, which was permanently adhered to the pedestal of the research room, but could give you 5 ranks in any skill for any one task.

The room that held the Book of Infinite Knowledge had a complicated trap that used a scrying spell to detect intruders, and then fireball'd them. It didn't affect Nice when she went in, even though it was supposed to detect undead. Easy figured out that it wasn't working because he had a device that protected himself and all his allies from scrying spells, as long as everyone as within 60' of any other ally. (So you could make huge chains of allies going out from Easy's anti-scrying banner -- it could cover armies, literally). He didn't work this out until after Nice tried to disarm the trap and set it off instead, discovering that it did 60 points of fire damage to anyone in the room. Every round. Ouch. Fortunately, setting it off with the failed disarm only caused it to go off once.

Nice had 'died' in a magical accident that had given Easy her extra two arms -- which she could still control as a ghost. She reasoned that the Superior Recombobulator might be able to extract her body from Easy's and resuscitate her. To validate the theory, she wanted one of the other PCs run alchemical tests on Easy's blood.

Nice: "Eassy, I need some uv your blood."
Absinthe (mach's PC): "No!"
Easy: (already cutting his arm).
Nice: "Sank you."

With much fiddling and several sources of bonuses, along with cries of "I can't believe you're letting her risk your life for this" from Absinthe, Nice and Easy got into the tank of the machine and succeeded in resuscitating her. Whee!

Which meant she lost all of her levels in "Ghost". She spent the rest of the session complaining "Being alive iss not all it's cracked up to be." :)

After that, we used the Book of Infinite Knowledge to get directions to the portal we needed to reach in order to rid the world of the Staff of Ilune and close the nether portal that was bringing Worgen into the world (which wasn't making us or the Worgen happy), and otherwise Doing Bad Things.

Just outside the door, we cast buff spells, summoned assistants, and otherwise prepared for the Final Confrontation to come. At last, Easy opened the door into the room.

There, we saw the portal!

And a nether dragon, which is immune to practically everything, surrounded by three colored pillars that would enhance its powers, and over a dozen swarms of nasty monsters with ability-drains and unresistable attacks.

Easy quietly closed the door again.

The heroes looked at each other. In true heroic fashion, we decided: "I don't think we can take them. Let's go fight something else instead."

So we investigated some of the other chambers nearby. We discovered the power source for the Superior Recombobulator behind one door: a captive Worgen. Feeling hideously guilty, we used up a powerful artifact to restore the life essence he had lost, and then discovered that he radiated evil. ("Maybe we should have checked for that before we restored him.") Nonetheless, we freed him and he agreed to help us in our mission. It wasn't entirely clear if the Worgen was really evil or not. He'd been summoned and 'corrupted' by the tower to play a part in one of the plays that used to be shown: the "Big Bad Wolf" from Little Red Riding Hood.

We consulted the book some more on nether dragons and the other creatures in the room with it. We determined that the dragon was unintelligent so we couldn't reason with it. However, most of the things in the room with it were relatively easy to take out.

The nether dragon was too large to fit through the door we'd opened, so Nice wanted to try luring the smaller creatures away from it so we could fight them separately, and take on the dragon alone.

Then Absinthe had a brilliant idea.

We strung the party out at 60' intervals along the path from the dragon's room to the room with the Book of Infinite Knowledge. Absinthe opened the door to the dragon's room, yelled taunts at them, then spent a hero point to ensure that he won the resulting initiative roll. (And then rolled a 20--best possible result--for the actual roll). Then ran like mad.

The dragon used its breath weapon on the spot where he had been, which destroyed the door to one of the experiment rooms and let out a mutant chicken. Everything but the dragon -- chicken included -- followed Absinthe and the rest of the party as they bolted past the Book of Infinite Knowledge. The party turned to stand just beyond the far arch of the room and watched as monsters streamed in.

And got detected by the scrying spell and blasted for 60 points of damage.

Almost everything died in the first sweep. The remainder were bottled up in the room by the party blocking the door. Everything but the chicken got taken out by the second sweep.

The chicken lasted an amazing 5 more rounds, with everyone plus the room pounding away at it, before finally dying. ("Mmm! Barbecued chicken! Want some?")

Given the trouble we had with that mutated chicken, we were even more worried about the dragon now.

There were two entrances to the dragon's room. We spent some time with Absinthe getting the dragon (whose head was stuck out one door and peering down the corridor) to waste its longest range and only-useable-3x-per-day attack on him. Then we arranged a plan whereby Absinthe and the Worgen would attack the dragon through one door, while the rest of the party flanked it from the other. Nice would use her Mysterious Purple Blast power (the only spell she had that he wasn't immune to) on it. The Worgen had some kind of curse spell he'd use, since the nether dragon wasn't immune to curses. The dragon wasn't immune to physical attacks, so everyone else would swing and hope for the best.

This plan went great up until we tried to execute it. As soon as the dragon attacked Absinthe, it inflicted massive amounts of damage on him, and Absinthe realized that he needed a natural 20 to hit the dragon. And then the dragon's fear effect worked on him. Absinthe bolted, screaming.

At about this time, Easy was charging the dragon from the rear.

Then Nice remembered the pillars that would heal and protect and power up the dragon if left alone.

So Easy started tanking the dragon solo, while Absinthe was running around and Nice and Gyuu (a Tauren, now mounted on his summoned kodo) were trying to take out the pillars. Eventually we figured out that we could block the beams's effects just by standing between them and the dragon (and reap their benefits for ourselves.) Gyuu's kodo blocked one, Easy's summoned cat blocked another, and Nice blocked the last.

Meanwhile, Easy was taking a pounding from the dragon. Nice used her healing arrows on Easy ("Don't dodge!") and Mysterious Purple Blast on the dragon. Absinthe searched for something he could use to attack the dragon.

Easy: "Asssist?"
Party: "Don't loot during combat!"
Absinthe: "I'm not looting!"
(Loot Window pops up: Need/Greed?)

Then the Worgen charged the dragon and used his curse spell: "I'm gonna gobble you up, little girl!"

The dragon had massive amounts of spell resistance. The GM anticipated that the Worgen's curse would bounce off of it and hit one of the party members instead.

The nether dragon rolled a 1 to resist.

It turned into a tiny nether dragon wearing a red cape, and screaming like a little girl.

The entire party (Absinthe included) dived on top of it, swinging.

It went down.

Me: "That wasn't a load-bearing villain, was it?"
GM: "Nope."

The portal -- which we couldn't use earlier because the nether dragon's presence destabilized it -- wa now stable again. We performed the ritual and sent the Staff of Ilune through it. The world was saved! The portal closed!"

Me: "Load-bearing portal?"
GM: "No."
Me: "Phew."

Now we just have to get out again. Greywolf usually only runs games every other weekend, but since I'm here next Saturday too, he said he'd run one next week. Yay! We'll get to see if we can escape from the tower. Lots of fun.
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