Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Saturday, part 2

It was after 10:30PM when jordan_greywolf's game wrapped up. Although it was awesome to have done the big end fight and completed the mission, I was sorry it took so long 'cause koogrr and I wanted to see a couple of friends play in their band, Rub Her Sole that evening. Fortunately, the band was playing four sets, from 8PM to midnight. So we said our goodnights to the other gamers and booked.

The bar they were playing at was "Nice & Easy": when we came into sight of it I said to John, "Look! It's our bar!" We got there a few minutes before the last set, just in time to say hi to JZ (who is the band's lead singer) and shadow_kat and his girlfriend (Treis? Terese? I didn't catch her name clearly), both of whom were also here to see the band.

I had a great time. The music was good, lots of fun, and loud without being deafeningly loud. We sat with Kevin and Treis, or at least, sat with them for the first few songs. For the rest of them I danced. :) John danced with me for most of it, although he was put off by the lack of other men dancing. When we started, the floor was empty, and there was a pool table occupying the center of the best vacant spot in the bar which also discouraged dancing. Still, there was enough space that several other women got up to dance, too. We even did a train at one point. And several people (including Treis) dragged their boyfriends up to dance during the slow numbers. The band only played a couple of their original songs, which made sense even if it wasn't my personal preference. But they did play "Slurpee" and "My Dinosaur Fell Over", so I was happy. We whooped and yelled at the end of each song. It was a blast.

Their encore closed around 12:30, and we hung out for a bit afterwards to chat outside the bar. The jukebox, in contrast to the band, was deafeningly loud. Outside, on the opposite side of the bar, with the door closed, the volume was about right. Yowch.

Finally, we headed off -- but not to home. Instead, we went to playfuleye's party again. We didn't stay long this time. The night before, a man named Xast had asked me to braid his hair, which I'd done in elfbraids. I noticed the center braid had come out (the little side braids were still good) so I did a new one, this time a typical three-strand braid that'd last longer than a herringbone does. After a little while of hanging out, we decided to head home. John lured Moonwolf out to the truck to give her a souveneir shirt he'd gotten for her some weeks ago, and told her about the game. She told us about how the party had been going, which had been quite an experience for her so far. "I didn't know I could have a party this large." She said if she did it again, one day would be enough. :)

Then we finally went home and collpased.

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