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I slept in again on Sunday, not rising until 11:30 or so. Oooo, such decadence. We hung around the house for a few hours, posting to the butterfly list and lazing around. jordan_greywolf and gwendelkitty had suggested yesterday that we go out to a Korean place they'd tried recently. So in early afternoon we gave them a call and met up for lunch. I got to try pho for the first time -- pretty tasty. :) I still have some left over, in fact; I'll probably finish it today.

Afterwards, we went back to their house, where Greywolf showed us the WoW model viewer, and we used another viewing program to look at Karazhan, the zone Greywolf had set the latest adventure in. It was neat to see the original he'd based his layout on, although also strange. In many ways, the RPG had made it seem more impressive, and certainly larger, as I'd imagined us only scratching the surface of a huge tower in our quest to reach the summit.

Then we watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, a neat fansubbed film. Even though the plot hinged around a single fantasy element, it struck me as a quiet, slice-of-life film more like "Whisper of the Heart" than a fantasy or science fiction story.

We went home at a reasonable hour (for a change!) and went to bed without collapsing.

On Monday, John had to work. I slept in again, but not so late this time, and spent most of the day butterflying, writing about Friday and Saturday, and catching up on my friends list. Which I am now actually current on. Neat.

When John got off work, we went over to Chris's house to play "Fearsome Floors", which John and I had never tried before. It was a fun game (Chris has a large selection of fun games) and played well with three people (often a challenge in games, which are mostly aimed at four or more). Chris likened it to "Roborally, only without the contortion 'which way will my robot be turning?' dance." It reminded me a little of backgammon. Perhaps we'll get to play it again before I go home.

We ended the evening watching a couple of episodes of "Undergrads", noteworthy mainly for Cal, a ditzy, handsome character so nice that he was impossible to dislike. John thought of him as a male version of Autumn, the ditzy dryad he'd played some months ago in the WoW game and would like to play again*.

Got home late again, but this time I couldn't manage to sleep in. So this morning I've been dinking around, vagualy contemplating doing something productive. The last couple of entries may be as close as I get, however. But hey, I'm on vacation.

* Aha! That was the other WoW RPG session I was in, Jordan, John -- the one with Autumn. So I've been in five so far -- one as Alice and the Worgen, one as the shapeshifting dragon, and three as Nice. Next weekend will make six. Whee! I've been in more of the WoW RG sessions than some of the Florida natives. :)
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