Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

So Shiny

Yesterday, Lut and I went out to get a new phone,.

For several years, we've had just one phone between us. Back before we moved to the house we're living in now, we couldn't get the landline phone company to fix line noise problems with the phone. So we went to T-Mobile (then Voicestream, to give you an idea how long this has been), got a cell phone, cancelled the landline, and never looked back.

When we moved, we did talk a few times about getting a new landline, but it didn't seem worth it.

However, we have thought it'd be nice to have two phones, especially when I'm travelling. And now that Lut has a job with a 50 mile (ouch) commute, he wants a phone to keep wirh him all the time.

So we hit the T-Mobile kiosk at the mall. There, the counter before us had an array of PDA phones: Sidekicks and Blackberries.

For years, I've wanted some kind of PDA or laptop. Mostly, I want to be able to write on a computer while travelling. Internet connection would be a plus, as would game-playing.

The Sidekick 3, I noticed, did real webbrowsing now.

"How much is that one?"

After some dinking around with options, the sales clerk produced figures: $200 for the Sidekick, $20 a month for unlimited text and browsing.

I've been deliberating on this subject for years. I decided I'm never going to do the research and discern the right answer to this question. So ...what the heck. Just take the one in front of me and see how it goes.

It's very shiny.

I do not love the little thumb keyboard; maybe I'll cut my fingernails for it and see if that helps.

The web interface isn't bad. It works with Yahoo Groups (clumsily) and LJ (rather better). Tweaking settings will probably help. Scrolling is somewhat slow; wondering if I can do something about that.

Best part is how easy everything has been. The keyboard may be awkward, but I haven't been staring at it much and thinking "Now, how do I do *this*?"

I'll be travelling this weekend and next, so plenty of time to stress-test it before the trial period is up. So far:

Oooo. Shiny. O_O

PS: And yes, I typed this entry on it. Took a while.
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