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I belong to two subscription services* that I'm underutililizing: (basically the same as Netflix, but I won't use Netflix 'cause I'm still pissy at them for billing me for a month when I cancelled after the "free" two-week trial) and (which lets subscribers download X songs per month for $Y fee.)

I'm tempted to cancel the Blockbuster subscription. Lut and I don't watch videos much, and my queue for it is empty** because -- and this is sad, I know -- I can't think of things I want to watch. They have umpteen million movies, not to mention TV shows, most of them with big-budget advertising, and I've got no patience to sort through the catalog to find something Lut and I want to see. Lut wants to keep the service, though. is a similar problem with a different twist. Unlike, which seems to offer, well, everything, eMusic's business model had the RIAA to deal with. And eMusic opted to deal with the RIAA by ... not dealing with them. EMusic vends mp3s with no copy protection and no technological limitations on play or redistribution. They have a catalog of millions of songs, none of them from RIAA-labels because the RIAA won't let their people sell via such a format. I'm very fond of eMusic for not treating me like a crook, and I've gotten quite a chunk of music that I love courtesy of them, including albums by the Cruxshadows, the Proclaimers, Big Country, Lunatica, and other groups no one's ever heard of. In genreal, I'd like to support them. Nonetheless, often a month will go by in which I don't download anything because I'm too lazy too peruse their catalog and look for stuff. Which would, admitedly, be easier if they carried mainstream music.

Hence, I am turning to LJ: give me recommendations. For music: there aren't any genres I dislike (I even like some rap, and some classical). I'm not good at categorizing the genres I do like, either, making it pretty much potluck whether something will become a favorite or not. However, anything I get, even if I don't like it, is no worse than letting my downloads go unused, which is what I've been doing. So I'm not picky, but eMusic doesn't have anything from an RIAA label, which does tend to limit me to the obscure. (Alas, Jonathan Coulton isn't on eMusic, either.) ladyperegrine, shaterri: I'm lookin' at you, here.

For films, Lut and I tend to be a bit more finicky (especially since it has to be something we're both willing to watch. In practice, neither of us watches movies alone; it took me, I dunno, three weeks to finally watch Shallow Hal by myself, which Lut wasn't interested in). We like good anime, fantasy, science fiction, action. We also like comedies in general, but not so much physical comedy and definitely not "stupid" comedy, of the "Dumb and Dumber" sort. And Lut doesn't care much for romantic comedies. And we're game to watch old films and foreign movies; I wouldn't say those are specifically "genres we like", but usually if a movie survives the passage of time or makes the jump to America, it's going to be better than the average recent Hollywood release, so that's a point in their favor. But hey, I'd be happy to hear of anything that you've enjoyed. I mean, the worst that'll happen is we mail it back to Blockbuster without finishing it. It can't be worse than Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction.

So: please help me out! Recommend stuff! *makes big puppy dog eyes at her LJ readership*

* Come to think of it, these aren't the only underutilized services I subscribe to. I don't get much use out of my City of Heroes account, or Puzzle Pirates, or my permanent Livejournal account for that matter. But these are irrelevant, since I'm not looking for help to make better use of these.
** Actually, my queue has eight items in it, but they're all obscure and marked as "Very Long Wait", which in my experience translates to "We owned one copy of this three years ago, it was never returned, and we're not replacing it".
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