Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

New Hampshire in September

Over Labor Day weekend, I went to visit my parents. With all the traveling I do, you'd think I'd see them often enough, but in practice when I travel, it's to see friends and not relations. I hadn't seen my parents in over two years. So I was long overdue.

My parents have a summer home in New Hampshire that they co-own with my brother and his wife. During the winter they live in Florida. Tough life, I know.

I've never been to their current Florida home (I know, I know, and I go to Florida *all the time*, I'm a bad daughter. In my defense, they do live about a three hours' drive from Orlando.)

This is the second time I've been to their house in New Hampshire, though.

It's beautiful.

That's the main thing that kept striking me about New Hampshire. I'd wake up in the morning and look out the basement windows that front on Sunset Lake, and think, "Wow, it's beautiful out there." Then I'd get up and shower and dress and chat for a while, until I happened to look out the first floor patio doors. And I'd be struck by it all over again. "Wow. It's so beautiful."

Living on a lake helps with the beautiful part, certainly. It also helps that, while the area is full developed, it isn't overdeveloped the way, say, most of Florida is. All the houses are set on large lots with plenty of green space and trees around them. Even though there are lots of other people living around them, all the trees give it a feel8ing of isolation and seclusion. It's almost rustic, like being at a particularly nice campground.

We didn't do a whole lot. Usually when I go visiting there's a certain "make the most of this time" impetus. Especially if it's a short trip, like this one.

But somehow, that didn't happen on this trip. I got in late Frida night (like, 1AM) and crashed. Saturday I hung around the house with my parents, my brother, his wife, and their two youngest kids. And we didn't do much. I went for a long walk with my father and my brother. My father is in his sixties, but he's in better shape now than I've ever seen him. He can walk faster than I can. I have to jog to keep up.

After that, we hung around the house. Before I went on this trip, I thought, "I hope I don't spend so much time on my Sidekick that it annoys people that I can't be dragged away from it." Then I looked around on Saturday and saw that of the four available computers, all four were in use by different people.

Ah yes. I'd come home.

We watched some tennis. The US Open was running (still is, actually -- finals are this weekend). I used to follow tennis, for a few years in the late 80s-early 90s. I discovered that tennis remains one of the few competitive sports I enjoy watching. Saturday night we (ostensibly) watched baseball. I discovered that, no, really I don't like watching baseball. I caught up on the butterfly list and talked to John on the phone, mainly. I did *try* to watch the game, but it just couldn't hold my attention.

Sunday morning my brother and his family left. So Sunday and Monday I took a couple more long walks with my father, took the canoe out on the lake with him once, and went swimming (well, floating, really) on the lake with my mother. And that was about it. It was lovely in a very mellow sort of way. The most relaxing and unhurried trip I've been on in years. Which is not to say that I don't love doing stuff when I travel, but this was nice change of pace.
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