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Planning ahead

Plan for Friday, December 20

6:30AM-7:00AM: Get woken up by Lut’s alarm going off every ten minutes while he hits the snooze. Be happy.
7:00AM-7:10AM: Feed cats. Fix breakfast. Be happy.
7:10AM-7:20AM: Eat breakfast. Throw cats out of lap so you can eat breakfast. Read webcomics. Be happy.
7:20AM-7:29AM: Pet cats. Finish reading web comics. Be happy.
7:30AM: Throw cats out of lap so can give Lut goodbye hug. Be happy.
7:31AM-8:00AM: Pet cats. Webbrowse. Be happy.
8:00AM-8:15AM: Get dressed for work. Wear jeans and red shirt in honor of Security Guard D – er, in honor of local football team home game. Be happy.
8:15AM-8:30AM: Walk to bus stop. Catch bus to work. Be happy.
8:30AM-8:50AM: Braid hair. Read some of The Soprano Sorceress on bus. Be happy.
8:51AM-10:00AM: Work. Fix rejects, balance WIP accounts. Be happy.
10:00AM-2:00PM: Start to slack off. Nibble on junk food from home. Read Wall Street Journal. See what mainstream movie Joe Morgenstern hates this week (probably “The Two Towers”). Open mail, Sort out payments. Answer email & phone messages. Be happy.
2:00PM-2:30PM: Eat lunch. Read more of The Soprano Sorceress. Ignore the incessant noise of the TV playing in the lunch room. Be happy.
2:31PM: Listen to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” for 8,923rd time since the branch started piping in Christmas music two weeks ago. But be happy anyway!
2:32PM: Play Rush album just loud enough to drown out the Christmas music inside cube. Be happy.
2:33PM-4:00PM: Dink around. Process payments. Answer more email and phone messages. Be happy.
4:01PM-5:20PM: Stop procrastinating and work on one of the annoying dull projects that’s been on desk for a few weeks waiting to get done. Be happy.
5:20PM-5:40PM: Ride home from work with Lut. Try to talk Lut into going to Wal-Mart to get containers for Christmas presents. Be happy.
5:40PM-6:30PM: Go to Wal-Mart. Fight through last-minute shopping crowds to find containers. Be happy.
6:30PM-7:00PM: Wait in line to check out from Wal-Mart with all the other last-minute shoppers. Be happy.
7:00PM-7:30PM: Drive home. Be happy.
7:30PM-9:00PM: Go into orgy of baking goodies to ship to various relatives. Be happy.
9:00PM-9:20PM: Play game of WarCraft. Win. Be happy.
9:20PM-10:20PM: Resume baking orgy. Be happy.
10:20PM-10:40PM: Play game of WarCraft. Lose. Be happy.
10:40PM-11:30PM: Work on novel. Be happy.
11:30PM-12:30AM: Finish baking orgy. Plan on getting gift baskets for anyone that no food is available for. Be happy.
12:30AM: Go to bed. Be. Happy.

So, Level Head, do I have the right idea yet? :)

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