Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The End of the Game

Last night we played out the finale for A Game of October. After three years and three months, the campaign is complete.

The PCs pulled off a much better ending than I had ever expected. Note: if you offer players choice A and B, both of which have significant downsides, the players will inevitably insist on going with for choice C, even if you never planned on choice C. Even if you explicitly decided beforehand that choice C was impossible. Sometimes, the players will even figure out how choice C really is possible, after all.

The session ran from 6PM to 1AM, in my time zone, and at the end of it I was still too wound up to sleep. I finally fell over at around 1:30 or 2AM.

And then woke early. O_o

I feel like a zombie this morning.

But a happy zombie. Yay! Finished the game! In a suitably satisfactory and dramatic manner, even.

Tonight, I need to finish Sordid City Blues guest strip I'm doing for mister_wolf. I am trying to get my mind to churn out an idea for Nanowrimo, but so far my undead brain isn't cooperating.

Mmm. Braaaiiinnnssss ...

*lurches off to work.*
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