Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

I haven't been writing here very much. Actually, I haven't been writing anywhere very much. OpenDiary gives me the impression that they are only keeping their "free" diaries up in the hopes that the free users will get sick of dealing with popups and convert over to their pay service. And they know that if they nuke us all now we'll never convert.

The sad part is, I would pay for an ad-free version of OpenDiary. Unfortunately, their pay service isn't the OpenDiary that I like. And with their agressive efforts to drive off their non-paying customers, they'va already annoyed away completely all but two of the people I read--one of whom switched to the pay service. And it's a pain in the neck to read her diary now. I have to go to the OD+ page, login on a seperate "Free OD" page, do a search for her diary, and then I can read it. I can't even bookmark her diary to circumvent these steps.

I don't expect anyone to jump through such hoops to read me. And I loathe the "you must be one of the privileged few who has an OD or OD+ diary in order to leave notes on OD+." Period. No input or requests from the diarist allowed.

I've ranted down this road too many times before. I will probably hang onto my OD account until my last friend leaves, and then I'll give up.

In other news, I am officially "on break" from running stuff on Sinai for the next week. Whee! I'll still be doing a Rasheeka log sometime next week, just because I like to and it's easy for me, but that's it. I haven't decided what I'll do with the sudden influx of free time I'l have. I could do all sorts of useful things, like cut the mat boards I bought last weekend to frame pictures. Or draw/paint some new pictures. Or write an outline for a book idea I have. Or work on various plotlines for Sinai and Mirari.

I'll probably sit in front of my computer web-browsing every night, then go to bed early, promising myself I'll be more productive tomorrow.

I think I will do some work on the Apagorevo continent, however. I have a bunch of ideas I want to get down on paper, and some others that I ought to revise. I did the basis for a calendar and mailed it off to Greywolf & Tufty, then decided afterwards that I didn't like it. So now I want to go back to my original version (which no one saw but me.) Heh. This is the advantage of deciding things before they show up on camera--it gives me time to realize, "What was I thinking? I don't want to do that!"

I might ramble more, but Lut wants to get out of the house. Bye!
Tags: gaming, life

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