Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Exercising and Nano

I was very productive on Sunday. One of the productive things I did including spending several hundred dollars on exercise equipment.

Strangely, now that I'm actually exercising regularly without the benefit of exercise equipment, I feel much better about buying some. I used to hate the idea of spending money on exercise gear I probably wouldn't use. Now, it doesn't bother me. I look at it as sort of like a gym membership. Even if I'm stop using it in a year, like I've mostly stopped using my weights, I still got the year's benefit from it. And the money is worth it for the possibility that I'll do more exercise.

The gear I got yesterday was running shoes and an exercise bike. The running shoes felt a little strange when I tried them on; they seemed to fit but the heels felt too snug. (I thought of you the whole time, terrycloth.) Yet, rather than learning from Terrycloth's experience, I bought them anyway. I tried jogging home in them today. The right one gave me a blister. On my arch. I've never gotten a bister on my arch before. I think there may be something wrong with them, because it felt like the edge of the sole was digging into my foot, and I don't think that's something that should happen even if I did buy the wrong size.

The other thing I got was a recumbent exercise bike.

This is, like, the lazy man's exercise machine. If it's possible to be lazy while exercising, this is it. Sit down, lean back, exercise.

I got a fancy one, mainly because the low-end ones wouldn't support Lut's weight and I wanted him to be able to use it if he wanted to. It has a little tray for my iPod. And built in speakers for it. Very cute.

We spent two hours this evening putting it together, which was almost enough time sunk into it to deter me from actually using it. But I am anyway. While I write this.

Yes, I got a recumbent bike so I could type and exercise at the same time. I'm using the SK now, though if I can manage the logistics, I'll set up my old computer in front of it.The bike is nicer than shimmying, because it'll tell me when I'm slacking off. I've varied between 12 and 15 mph at the middle resistance range for most of this post.

I've been at it with some energy for 22 minutes. Now I think I'll bike at a slacker's pace for a while and try to get some work done on my NanoNovel.

Did get some NanoNovel written, and spent a total of an hour on the bike. 12.5 miles, according to the display.

The NanoNovel is moving along. On the downside: I'm only 6100 words into it, putting me, I dunno, 2400 words behind the curve. Equally bad: I'm off outline. I'm only four chapters in and the plan was to have six by this word count. Plus, today's chapter wasn't even supposed to be a chapter.

On the upside: several people have read some of it and said nice thing about it, and I'm enjoying doing it.

All things considered, those last two are way more important than any of the rest, so I am content.
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