Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

A Loss to Be Proud Of

I'm playing my nth game of Warcraft 3, in three vs three mode like I almost always do. Three on three seems to be the most fun. In two-on-two it's no fun at all if your partner is bad, or worse, yells at YOU for being bad. Four on four is hard to coordinate. Three on three seems about right.

So I'm playing yet another game. And one of my partners is curiously .. prescient. "Hero rush coming for teal." 45 seconds later, couple of heroes hit Teal. Two minutes after that, "Another rush on teal, archers." Funny, that's just what shows up.

I try to ignore it. I try to tell myself he just caught a glimpse of something at the edge of the fog of war, where I wasn't looking.

He tells us which base to attack. "This one has the fewest men. Go here." It's not visible on my map. You all share the same map information in Warcraft 3.

I want to ignore it. I want to pretend I don't know this guy is hacking. It's not my fault he's hacking. I didn't hack. I don't want to chalk up a loss on my record because I quit because he's hacking.

I tell him, "Don't hack."

He ignores me. We're attacking the base he wanted us to attack. We're going to win.

My play is lousy. I'm distracted and aggravated. I know he's hacking. I can quit. But he might still win, even if I quit.

Finally, I tell him, "I don't want to win this badly." And I'm about to quit. Then it dawns on me.

I start building up my force again. He says, "Fine, it's off."

I tell him, "Too late." I am sending my new force to his base.

To the jeers and insults of both my teammates (my other partner does not care if "Unholy_Legacy" is hacking or not, as long as we win) and the general approval of the opposing team, I attack my teammate's base. It's kind of a pain to teamkill in WC3 -- you have to target manually each allied unit and building -- but you can do it.

He mocks my morality, my attitude, insults my non-existant manhood, and finally ... quits.

I am prouder of that achievement than any number of wins.

Yay! I lost!
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