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Setting Deathmatch!

There was no real consensus for favorites among the settings: the most votes any of the seven got was two. And most of the participants So I'm narrowing it down to the two that were (a) most popular and (b) I have the clearest idea for a story about. That'd be "Wonderland" and "The Lost Room". I'll write a few additional details of them here.


A tale of honor and magic, of what it means to live by rules you did not devise, and the implications of justice without mercy.

Wonderland is a fantastic and alien landscape filled with improbable creatures. PCs native to Wonderland can choose how they look, and can be as bizarre or prosaic as they like. Although many common activities and actions in Wonderland will be incomprehensible to the human PCs, to Wonderland's natives it will (mostly) all make sense.

In game-mechanics terms, that means Wonderland-native PCs get to read the rulebook and human PCs don't. However, human characters will have certain significant and important abilities that natives cannot get. The rules will be well-defined at the outset; there'll be things the GM knows about the setting and system that the PCs don't, but for the most part the native PCs will understand how their world works.

Stories of this genre (normal person stumbles onto strange world) often revolve around the normal person trying to get out again. Human PCs can make that their primary goal if they choose, but Wonderland will be facing its own problems and how the PCs choose to address (or not address) those will be a major component of the story. Conflicts will *not* revolve around violence (I expect very little violence in this setting). Players will solve problems with their wits and their characters' abilities.

I want at least one human PC, and no more than two. I know this is stereotypically a children's story genre, but in the case of this game, human PCs can be of any age, from 9 to 90.

The Lost Room

This is a modern day setting with an edge of the fantastic, represented by the everyday objects that have supernatural powers. The game will revolve around these supernatural objects and all that they embody: what are they? What can they do? Where do they come from? What does it mean that they exist? What impact can they have on the world? What should be done with them? Unlike Wonderland, none of the PCs will have the answers to any of these questions. Possibly none of the NPCs will, either.

PCs will be written up with a basic skill & stat system. However, most of the PCs shoud be fairly ordinary people with regular jobs; you're going to get by on the strength of your resourcefulness, not your stats. Each PC will, however, either already have or will get near the beginning of the campaign one of the Objects. The PCs may or may not know what their own Objects are capable of at the start of the game. With it, you'll be capable of doing at least one cool thing. Without it, you're nobody special.

This setting is much more likely than Wonderland to have combat and violence, in addition to the central mysteries of the Objects. (Note: fights There will be various cults and factions built up around the Objects, each with their own agendas and ideas about what should be done with the Objects. Some of them may be right. Some of them may be crazy. Some may be both. It'll be up to you to figure out which is which.

I should note, whichever campaign I launch, it's getting a different name than the working title. Wonderland doesn't have quite the right connotations, and I'm not sure I even want a Lost Room in the Lost Room game. >:)

Poll #1104045 Final Determination of Setting

Which of the two do you prefer?

Wonderland (but will play either)
The Lost Room (but will play either)
Wonderland (will not play the other)
The Lost Room (will not play the other)
No preference

If you were playing in Wonderland, would you rather play a:

Human PC (but will play either)
Wonderland Native PC (but will play either)
Human PC (not interested in native)
Native PC (not interested in human)
No preference
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