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I've been eating less lately, especially less junkfood. I used to eat a couple of candy bars, or the equivalent thereof in cookies or other junk, every day at work. For the last couple of weeks, I've not had any sugary stuff while at work. Mostly I haven't been snacking at all, or eating a banana or two. I've had a little chocolate while at home and an ice cream float or two, but still not a whole lot. Which is good, because my weight has been slowly trending upwards for the last several months and it would be nice for it to trend downwards again.

I'm still exercising, more or less. Somewhat less than more. I went for a jog after work on Monday and managed maybe 1.4 miles, pretty uninspiring. Yesterday I took a long walk because I couldn't face exercising in the basement. I did make a point of stretching afterwards. It's amazing how much I backslide in just a few months. I can't do a split as easily now as I could six months ago, and I can't jog for an hour any more, either. It's not that I stopped exercising completely, but for most of March and much of April, I've done a lot more regular walking than anything more intensive. Still, the exercise that you do is better than the exercise that you don't do. Also, the advantage to not quitting completely is that I haven't reclaimed the free time for other, more fun, purposes. Perhaps motivation to push harder will come back to me. I wore my running shoes to work so I'm planning to jog home tonight. The best part about jogging home is that it's more time-efficient than any other kind of exercise, especially since I have to walk home anyway. Jogging's actually faster. In fact, it's sort of a disadvantage that my home is less than a mile away, because it means I have to do laps and stuff to increase the time to a proper workout, and it's hard to motivate myself to do enough laps.

Or I could dance in my living room again. I haven't done that in a while and I miss it, a bit. Part of me wants to take dance classes, and the rest of me knows that I am not nearly motivated enough to leave my house and drive somewhere just to exercise. :)
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