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Origin Blurbs

City of Heroes/Villains has a space in the character generation process for you to write a blurb about your character.

Somehow, I almost never manage to use this space. Fairly often, I don't even have background ideas for my characters. My character-creation process goes "okay, this costume looks cool, I'll start beating stuff up now".

But I'm trying to be a little more creative and personable with my CoH avatars. To that end, I actually wrote up blurbs for a couple of them, which I will share here in honor of Pixel-Stained Techno-Peasant Wretch Day (or something). They're kind of long for CoH blurbs but still better than nothing, I think.

Li'l Terror is a villain and Jade Winds is a hero. Jade Winds's blurb is subject to change if Six Demon Bag (ltwarhound) or Foo Fires (terrycloth would prefer something different.

Li'l Terror
Lily loved the darkness more than life itself.

So when her forays into dark magic killed her, she couldn't exactly complain. Mostly because she was dead.

But even in death the darkness did not forget Lily. It had destroyed her once but wanted her still, and would not give her up. From the tiny bodies of rats and roaches and other things that thrive without light, the darkness formed a strange new shape in the memory of its lost love. Darkness imbued its creation with what it understood of Lily's personality. It sought to put Lily's soul into this new body. But souls are beyond the reach of darkness -- aren't they?

The new being was born a tabula rasa, without knowledge of where she came from or what she was. With darkness as servant, guardian, mother, and perhaps lover, she grew quickly in the shadows of the Rogue Isles: a little terror preying on the fears and weaknesses of the human and inhuman monsters of the world around her.

But as she grows in power, Li'l Terror begins to remember ....

Jade Winds
Jade Winds is the daughter of a Tsoo sorcerer and a woman of the Fair Folk that the Tsoo had captured whose power they hope to tap for their own line. While Jade was still an infant, her mother escaped with her from their Tsoo captors. Jade grew to adolescence among the Fey, but her half-human ancestry meant she never fit in among them. And the The Tsoo did not forget her.

Once every year, on All Hallow's Eve, the Fey lands come into contact with the mortal realm. When Jade was thirteen, she ventured back to the mortal realm on Halloween, and her father's magic instantly located her. He tricked her into coming back with him to live among the Tsoo, rather than returning to Faerie. Already she showed great aptitude and the Tsoo had many plans for ways to use her growing powers.

For some months she believed the lies and promises the Tsoo told her. But even so, Jade Winds missed her mother and her friends among the Fair Folk. When the next Halloween neared, she asked her father to let her visit them. He refused. When she tried to leave on her own, the Tsoo imprisoned her.

Miserable and angry and afraid, Jade Winds remained a captive until her rescue by a Celestial canine called Foo Fires and a renegade Tsoo who goes by Six Demon Bag. Halloween is long passed and she cannot return to Faerie now. Instead, she studies under Six Demon Bag's tutelage and fights against evil and tyranny with her new companions, hoping someday to be worthy of the help and friendship they've shown her.
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