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Blue October

Lut found this band and pointed me to their webpage to listen to them. They have a few tracks from each of their albums available on the site's audio player, which will play them in sequence or let you skip around. The first track the audio player launches grabbed me on the first listen. It's titled "Hate Me".

It's not what you'd think it's about.

It's not what I thought it was about after listening to it the second time and paying attention to the lyrics, either. I downloaded their first album, "The Answers" from emusic (because that was all emusic had of their ouevre), then bought "Foiled" from iTunes, mostly on the strength of "Hate Me". I thought "Hate Me" was a melancholy and yet strangely sweet song. Which it is.

Then I found out that the iTunes album came with a copy of the video when I went to play it. So I watched the (also available on their website -- third one down, not the live one).

And ... wow. It's an incredibly sad song. This is one of those songs that you really, really hope is not biographical. ;_;

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