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We didn't do fireworks this year. We used to go to a 3rd of July party and shoot off fireworks, but the woman who hosted it moved to somewhere less conducive to explosives and we haven't really done anything to celebrate the 4th since.

I was rather undermotivated in general this weekend, with the result that I spent a lot of time playing City of Heroes and even more time dinking around in City of Heroes.

"Dinking around", in this case, means mostly playing with the auction house. I've described arbitraging* in City of Heroes before. Several -- well, almost all of my characters over 20th, actually -- of my characters are moderately wealthy from arbitraging. This weekend, I took my ill-gotten gains and went shopping.

I'd already discovered the joys of fast recharge with my night widow, Arachniki. My controller on Justice, Jade Winds, always seems to be waiting for powers to recharge, so I decided to respec her with "faster global recharge" in mind. She picked up Hasten and dropped Snowstorm (after much angst over which of several powers she seldom used to ditch). I also made a point of getting five slots into several powers where an IO set was available that would give a global recharge bonus if five-slotted. And then spent about 17 million inf re-slotting practically everything on her with IOs and IO sets. Most of which went towards a single IO set, Decimation, which is annoyingly expensive. She still needs to get one more IO in that set, which will cost between 5 and 10 million by itself, depending how impatient I get.

Once she was done, I found myself, surprisingly, still in a mood to shop. So I bought some new sets for Justin and Kasadya, both of whom were mostly IOs already. I contemplated respeccing Kasadya for Hasten, too, because she's got about a bazillion powers with slow recharge rates, but I wasn't feeling that ambitious. Arachniki was already all IOs. I looked at Untainted but didn't buy anything new for her, since I hardly ever play her any more. She's got three purple recipes she could make and slot (two pet and one targeted AOE) but I can't quite make myself either sell the recipes or use them. The little part of me that wants to be uber would like to slot them. The rest of me knows it'd make more sense to sell them and use the proceeds to fund my other characters. The ones I still play. The one Ragnarok recipe is worth more than all the enhancements Jade currently has slotted put together.

In addition to all the shopping, I played the actual game a bunch too. Lut, terrycloth, Brenna and I finally finished the taskforce we'd started earlier in the week. We played the Pressure Cookers some, although not after I re-did Jade Winds, so now I want to play them again and see how the new build works. We finished Miss Ink's patron arc (conclusion: Mako is a jerk. Also, his patron arc is hard) and started Justin's, even though I'm only lukewarm about getting the patron pool powers.

Apart from gaming, I did a few other things. Lut and I went out to eat a few times and accumulated more leftovers for our fridge koogrr called a couple of times and we talked for a while, which was fun. I also called telnar and minor_architect and had nice chats with them. I worked on coloring a pin-up-style picture I'd drawn, because apparently pin-ups are what I draw even though I don't especially like them. Funny how that works. I think it's because pin-ups were my favorite style from age 12 to 25 or so, and that's when I got the vast majority of my art practice. Now I do them because I'd rather be adequate in drawing a style I don't particularly care about than bad at a style I have more interest in. Also, drawing doesn't interest me now the way it did when I was younger. What artistic talent I possess is really wasted on me. I wonder if my siblings ever feel this way about the years they spent practicing the violin and the piano?

Anyway, I still feel a little productive for having done something in the way of art, so I'm grateful for that.

In other news, my brain is trying to make me miserable, with some assistance from my job. I wish one of the two would quit it. Preferably my brain. You know how you'll have a cat that's trying to get at something it shouldn't, so you yell "no!" and the cat goes away? And then two minutes later the cat's back at it and you have to yell again? That's my brain. I keep telling it to stop and it works for two minutes then it's doing it again.

Stupid brain. Obviously I need to put the misery in a locked cabinet where my brain can't get to it.

* I have this urge to write an article explaining the difference between arbitrage, speculation, and investing. I don't know why.
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