Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Dream Snippet: Deus Ex Machina

I woke from an atypically interesting dream this morning. The story revolved around a resistance movement against an tyrranical government. The environment was claustrophobic, like a space station or arcology. All up and down levels and long corridors. The members of the resistance movement were captured, one by one, until only a few were still at liberty. One was a woman who wasn't yet under suspicion. She was in one of the enemy military facilities, looking for something that could help her free the others. She found and successfully stole something that looked like a coffee cup, but was actually an alien artifact that gave the holder a "somebody else's problem" field, that made them functionally invisible, and it bent probability so that any attacks made on the holder would always miss or be deflected. It made her all but unstoppable.

With it, she was fearless but not reckless. She became very cautious, in fact, because she now had this huge edge and she didn't want to blow it by doing something stupid.

She managed to get her hands on two more artifacts -- another SEP device and a phase gun. The phase gun could be used to take the wielder out of phase with reality, at which point they became intangible, desolid, and immune to all attacks from people who were in phase. It also fired disrupter beams, wide beams of fluid golden energy that would scramble whatever they hit into tiny bits, half in phase and half out, effectively annihilating the target.

She gave the other SEP device to another resistance fighter, and the phase gun to a third. They found out about a weakness in the SEP device now: it only worked if the holder acted like it was going to work. If they were trying to be sneaky and skulked in shadows, it wouldn't make them go unnoticed, and if they were trying to dodge attacks, it wouldn't make the attacks miss. The new woman who got one didn't have confidence that it would work, so when she tried to sneak past the enemy with it, it didn't work and she got killed.

I remember thinking at this point that the phase gun was a better tool, because it was more predictable and provable. You could tell that you were invisible and intangible with it, you didn't need to have faith that magically no one would pay attention to you.

Then the person with the phase gun shot at someone with an SEP device, and the SEP device deflected the disrupter beam back at the shooter. Since the disrupter beam worked by scrambling phases, it worked on the out-of-phase shooter and killed her.

I think the moral of this story is "If you have two deus ex machina devices, keep both: one might not be enough." Or possibly, "don't get involved in violent conflicts."
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