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The polls in my city are open from 6 to 7. I don't get out of work until quarter to 6, so I decided to try showing up early.

Lut asked Monday night, "Do you want me to set the alarm?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I am absolutely certain." I hate alarm clocks. I always wake up before they go off and the noise annoys the heck out of me. When I need to get up early, I don't have a problem with oversleeping; I have a problem with waking too soon.

Tuesday morning, I woke up at 3:00, 5:00, and 5:30 before I finally staggered into clothing a little after 6:00AM.

I got to my polling place at around 6:25. The parking lot was full. The line stretched out the door of the church, across the parking lot, and halfway down the block. I'd told Lut I'd have the car back by 7:00, because his employer had just changed his hours so that he needed to leave home at 7:30 instead of 8AM. This didn't look promising.

I decided not to give up immediately, though. Instead, I took my place at the end of the line and tried to gauge how fast it was moving.

Very quickly, as it turned out. The man ahead of me who'd brought a canvas folding chair didn't have time to use it, as he kept having to move forward with the line. Then a poll worker came out to usher the people from precincts three and four forward. The church was the polling place for four different precincts. I wasn't sure which precinct I was in and hadn't brought my voter card with me (just photo id). Fortunately, I'd gotten my polling location from the web and had copied assorted other bits of voting information along with it when I emailed it to my Sidekick. I was in precinct three. Yay!

Only ten or fifteen people were ahead of me in the line inside for my precinct. Turnover was slower now, but I called Lut at 6:47 to tell him "I'm in line now and there's only a couple of people ahead of me. So I won't be back by 7 but I'll be home before 7:30 easily."

A few minutes later, I had the ballot in hand. I angsted over one of the ballot initiatives, and finally decided I didn't know enough to make the right choice, so I abstained. At 6:58AM, I was done.

It's the longest wait I've ever had to vote, but it didn't seem that bad. Americans queue up for movie premieres, rock concerts, nightclubs, sales promotions, and new product releases. In one way, it's kind of nice to see us waiting to do something valuable and important.

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