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I Will Guard These Bears with My Life!

Every year, one of Toddler Bank's branch managers collects teddies bears from employees and customers, and gives them away to kids at a local shelter. A couple of weeks ago, I bought this messenger-bag-sized box of seven small teddy bears at Costco to donate to the cause.

And then I didn't bring it in, because the box itself is sort of cute, so I didn't want to take the bears out of it, but it's too big to fit in my backpack.

Today I decided I'd better take them anyhow, before I forget and it's too late. I picked up the box, and cast about for something I could loop its little handle through so that I wouldn't have to hold it in my hand the whole way. My eye fell upon the wrist straps that buckle around the sleeves of my trenchcoat -- you know, the straps that in theory you could use to tighten the sleeve around your wrist so that rain wouldn't get in, and in practice get as much use as the zippers on Michael Jackson's 80s jackets.

So I unbuckled the generally-useless strap, threaded it through the handle, buckled it again, and let the case dangle from wrist.

And was instantly reminded of those couriers whose briefcases are handcuffed to their wrists.

The teddy bears aren't exactly invaluable trade secrets, but they did make it to work safely.
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