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New Music

"Go ahead and put Dragonforce on," Lut says after we get in the car.

I flip through the CDs in the overstuffed case until I find it. It's one of the albums I gave Lut for Christmas, based on John Ringo's* recommendation. I slide it into the player. Drums and bass beat out a frenetic rhythm line, overlaid with electric guitar. Not quite intelligibly, the vocalist sings the first stanza:

On a cold dark winter night hidden by the stormy light
A battle rages for the right for what will become
In the valley of the damned a warrior with sword in hand
Travels fast across the land for freedom he rides

Lut and I listen as we drive down the highway. After a minute, Lut says, "It's like goth on speed."

I giggle. "It is, isn't it? Cruxshadows at 78 rpm."
But without the squeaky voices.

* Look, I told you not to judge him based on Ghost. Anyway, he has good taste in music.

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