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My cat is sick.

I took her to the vet on Saturday because she was having urinary troubles, trying to urinate every few minutes. They kept her over the weekend so they could get urine, stool and blood samples. On Monday they told me she had a urinary tract infection, and a blood infection, and tapeworms. They wormed her and gave me an antibiotic for the infections. I took her home. She was obviously better, looking so healthy I realized that I hadn't seen her really healthy in a long while.

Yesterday evening, she seemed a little worse, a little unsteady sometimes when she walked.

Tonight, when Trask got home, she couldn't walk. She just squirmed in circles, crawling to the right. Trask called me, and put her in the car and drove to meet me at work while I called to find an emergency animal clinic.

The clinic can't tell what's wrong with her. The easy things to check are all ruled out. They'd need to do an MRI or a CAT scan. The possibilities are an inner ear inflammation or disorder, a tumor, or cancer. The vet didn't recommend an MRI yet, probably because they're so expensive, and the treatment for what they would find is even more expensive. He didn't say that, though.

He gave her a shot of cortisone in case it's an inflammation issue, and a new antibiotic even though he really doubted it was a reaction to the antibiotic. And told me to take her home and watch her for a week, to see if she gets better.

She was an adult cat when I got her, twelve years ago.

I'm not ready to lose her yet.

Is it okay to pray for a cat?

Please get better, Ash.
Tags: cats, life
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