Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Kitty Update

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and well-wishes. Ash is doing significantly better, but still very sick. She can walk in straight lines now, more or less, but she rarely looks left or tries to turn to the left. Strokes are extremely rare in cats, but her symptoms are very similar to a stroke. She leans to the right, looks to the right, and circles to the right often when she moves. I think she's figuring out three right turns = one left turn. We're pretty sure she's at least partially deaf and blind, if not fully.

I've got her installed in the bathroom when we're not home. She's using the litterbox, and has been since Thursday morning, which is pretty impressive for a cat who could barely walk. She's eaten and drank a little on her own. Because she doesn't eat very much on her own, I've been feeding her with a turkey baster, which works rather badly. If I have to keep doing it, I'm going to have to either figure out a way to puree the food into a complete liquid, or get a better delivery system. Tonight, I isolated her for forty-five minutes with her food, to see if she'd eat more on her own if I just gave her longer -- and kept Ghost from eating all her food. :P Ash ate about a quarter of a can worth of cat food. Which is ... not great. Canned cat food says to feed two cans a day to a cat, but even Ghost (who is a large and solid cat at ten pounds) won't eat two full cans a day. My experience has been that one can a day is enough. Even so, 1/2 of a can is less than I want Ash to try to live on. But she's obviously very sedentary at the moment, so she probably doesn't need as much food as normal. I set her food aside for the evening and will put it out again when I go to sleep and put her in the bathroom for the night. If she eats the rest by morning, I'll be happy. Heck, if she eats most of the rest by morning I'll be happy. If she doesn't, I'll go back to the turkey baster. You listening to me, Ash?

She purrs when I pick her up and pet her, and she's happy to doze for the evening in my lap. She doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, for all her difficulties. She's a very patient patient.

I was supposed to go to Florida this weekend, but I postponed the trip to next weekend so I could nurse Ash through this one. Southwest is actually quite generous in how they treat non-refundable tickets: they give a ful credit for the cost of the ticket which can be applied to future tickets. Tickets next weekend were a little more expensive than the ones I had, but only by about $45. I'm hoping by next weekend she'll be stable, and I won't be quite so worried that she'll lose all will to live if she doesn't see me for 48 hours. She's very fond of me. Probably not as fond as I am of her.

Get well soon, Ash.
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