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New Year's Resolutions Update: February

* GM'd three RP sessions on Sinai for one of brennabat's PCs.
* written some light fanfic/RP via PBEM with bard_bloom
* Joined a very slow-paced PBEM run by a friend from my high school days, Bradley. It's an X-Men game where I'm playing Marvel Girl. "Slow-paced" and "PBEM" were the key selling points for me. I'm pretty burned-out on group RP, but this was billed as a "check your mail once per day" game, and it largely has been. Bradley and I played tabletop RP together for seven or eight years while we were in high school and college, but this is the first time I've ever done online gaming with him. It's very interesting to see the choices he makes as a GM, since he's uninfluenced by any of the other online GMs I know and has a very different style. The game started on 1/10 and we're still working on the story covered by the first issue, so it'll be a while before we get very far into it.
* I've been making some effort to resume work on Birthright, the sequel to Silver Scales, which resulted in six entries in January. I haven't picked up any steam on it so far.
* Also, posted 22 entries to my LJ. Most of which were very short snippets of my life that amused me.
* Light RP with terrycloth. Mostly in CoH, where it doesn't really count >:) but also once on Furry. (Furry counts and CoH doesn't because I don't log CoH. Also, CoH is more annoying to write in so even when I do RP there it's not for as long or as in-depth.)

* I did a sketch for koogrr on his birthday, and used markers to color it and a second sketch I did during Greywolf's game on Saturday, which was still, technically, January. So two art-points for January. I've also got an art point for February already, from going to All Fired Up. Maybe one and a half art points, counting the half-finished plate I started Sunday.

Lots of playing!
* CoH or WAR an average of ten or so hours a week with terrycloth
* Puzzle Pirates many times a week, usually just distilling by myself. But I went on a handful of pillages/Cursed Isle runs/ monster hunting with PP friends or random strangers I'd hooked up with.
* Several items under writing also count as play -- all the RP with Brenna, Bard and Terry.
* Tabletop RP with jordangreywolf, koogrr, gwendelkitty, Ross, and JZ!
* Watched a whole bunch of Heroes episodes with Lut. 15 or so? I loved the first season, but the subsequent ones have been meh. The first season felt reasonably well-plotted and planned out. Seasons two and three feel like the writers are making it up as they go along, and that annoys me. The "all our villains turn into heroes and all the heroes turn into villains" trope isn't working very well for me either. We're still going through season 3, because it's still quite watchable even if I'm not as impressed any more.

* My original intent for this resolution was "I will not eat unhealthy food that I don't enjoy". I felt like I was eating more junkfood than ever because I was bored, and -- worst of all -- I didn't even like it that much. If I'm going to eat crap, it should be crap I love. So: "I will eat healthy foods, or food that make me happy."
* And that's a fine resolution as far as it goes. However, in early January we had the annual "wellness clinic" visit. I was up 15 pounds from last year, and at 160 I was at my highest weight ever. Bleah.
* So my intent of a few years back, to make peace with my eating habits if I just exercised regularly, has been tossed out. I'm not making a radical change to my diet yet, but I have started tracking what I eat. I bought an applet for my Sidekick on the 16th to track eating and exercise. I didn't record my eating while I was in Florida, but otherwise I've been good about keeping track. As usual, tracking calories makes me a little less likely to eat. My low intake has been around 1250, and my high is 2274. 2000 is supposedly my "maintenance" allotment, and I think I'm averaging a couple hundred below that, so hopefully I'll lose some weight. It's be nice to have more of my clothing fit again.

I back-logged exercise starting on the 12th. I'm not sure how many times I worked out in January before that; I'd guess four or five. After the 12th, 10 times. So, say 14 for the month, averaging 25 minutes per session. That's, um, 350 dead aliens by haikujaguar reckoning. Which isn't nearly enough to keep the Earth safe from a zerg rush, but I hope to do better in February. And hey, I've been on my exercise bike 39 minutes (and counting) while writing this entry.

* Drove out to verminiusrex's birthday party!
* Flew to Florida on January 30th. Whee, Orlando!
I don't have any trips planned for February. Technically, the Florida trip counts for February too, since I came back on the 1st, but that doesn't feel right. Maybe I'll see someone local for a change. I don't quite see locals less often than people two thousand miles away, but it's real close.

* This resolution was specifically for maintenance-type stuff. Especially irregular home maintenance. I'm bad at housekeeping in general, and worse at yardwork. But I'm incompetent at dealing with home repair, especially home repair that requires employing an expert. This incompetence is roughly 1 part laziness, 1 part miserliness, and 10 parts a kind of pathological paralysis. I've got a list of Things to Deal With, and my goal is to get one of them per week off my list. Which isn't generally faster than they get added to the list, so in theory this will eventually get them all off.
* Toilet fixed (it was running, plumber corrected)
* Backup sump pump fixed (finally! This is a huge relief.)
* Hot water faucet for laundry machine replaced
* Ordered &received replacement filters for air purifier. Have not yet installed, though.
* Plumber tried to clear the slow-drain problem in the kitchen with a professional-strength drain cleaner, but this is still an issue. I'm hesitant to have the pipes snaked, because they could potentially break, being old and steel. Not sure what to do about this now.
* Took Ash to the vet three times. This wasn't on the list, but it took up the kind of the same brainspace required, so it sort of counts.


Be happy: I did fantastic on this the first week, wandering around in a dazed, joyful stupor for most of early January. The rest of January had some down spots -- there's only so happy I'm really going to get when I think my favorite cat is dying, for instance -- but overall my mood for January was pretty good.
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