Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


"You should try drinking apple juice," Lut said. "I'm sure it's one of those clear liquids people say you should drink when you're sick."

I don't normally drink fruit juices, because they're loaded with calories and I don't like drinking my calories. But it occurred to me that when a single serving of oatmeal (150 calories) looks intimidatingly large, it's probably not the time to be worrying about getting too many calories.

So I'm drinking apple juice now.

I don't really feel sick anymore, or rather, I've gone from the state of "uncomfortably ill" to "comfortably ill". I'm tired, I don't want to move, I'm sleeping a lot, and I don't want to eat. But I'm not nauseated any more, and my body's not all achey. Staying home from work today was probably reasonable, given that I slept until after noon, but I'm pretty sure I'll go in tomorrow.
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