Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

New Year's Resolutions Update

* 12 entries to my LJ this month, mostly short ones. Not including this one.
* Two of them were writing exercises, which probably should count separately.
* Three RP sessions with Brenna.
* Still in the X-Men PBEM, though that really doesn't require much writing. It's very different in gameplay and feel from the other PBEMs I've been in.
* I've generally been better about supporting other people's fiction efforts (sythyry, terrycloth and level_head come to mind for this month) than writing my own. I'm not very happy with my own writing lately, so commenting on someone else's is arguably a better use of my time anyhow.

On February 1, koogrr and I went All Fired Up and I painted one and a half plates. I also did a bunch of icons for people for Valentine's Day. I'll count that as two art points for February.

* I let my WAR account expire in January, because I'd gotten kind of tired of it, Lut wasn't playing any more, and while terrycloth would still play it, on any given day he'd rather play City of Heroes/Villains.
* Lut renewed his CoH account and the three of us have been playing it together for several hours a week. This month, we even completed three task forces, which we rarely do because they take a chunk of time (not a big deal) and four to eight people (eeeee! Organizing!) We tried a fourth, but abandoned it after deciding we just didn't have the right mix to complete the last mission. Which was really long. It wouldn't've been so bad if the end boss hadn't been horribly buggy in addition to ridiculously dangerous.
* Been playing even more Puzzle Pirates. This is a horribly antisocial game, barely better than a solo game, really. But I adore the puzzles. I've been pillaging more, which is very slightly less antisocial than my usual crafting puzzles. I've also tried some of the "new" content (ie, put in since 2006, which was the last time I paid attention)

Um ... I'm eating. And tracking what I eat. Oh, wait, I can put it into a useable format for number crunching. *does that*
Okay, apparently I'm averaging 1681 calories a day. Which is theoretically enough that I'll lose weight eventually. I haven't noticably done so yet. I should probably try harder. Also, I'm not paying attention during the weekends, so the average is probably skewed downwards. Anyway, at least I'm not gaining weight now.

I'm averaging five days a week and a little over 20 minutes a day. I'd really like to edge that average up to 30 minutes a day again. It's pretty rare that I do over 20 minutes in a session. Still, 20 minutes x 5 days/week was my goal, so yay.

Um. I went to a bar after work with some coworkers for drinks this week. Yeah, I don't get out much.

I think the most productive thing I did around the house in February was change the lightbulb in the exercise room. Which, granted, did require finding a screwdriver and took me several months to get around to doing, so it sort of counts. Oh, and I hacked back some of the junk trees and bushes in the yard. So not quite completely useless. Just mostly useless.

Be happy:
Not doing so hot on this count, either.
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