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Resolution Update (real one)

The good news: I did a lot more in March than my fake update listed. The bad news: I'm not nearly as happy about it. Life is like that, alas. Though doing the fake post did provide some perspective. However little I thought I was doing, I could've done a lot less.

* 7 entries to my LJ in March, mostly short ones.
* Five of them were writing exercises.
* One RP session with Brenna, and one in Mirari.
* Still in the X-Men PBEM.
* Joined playfuleye's Ichabod Hate university / Heaven Sent University RP forum, themed as "rival colleges for supervillains and superheroes, respectively", which has been fun. It reminds me of unscheduled MUCK roleplay in slow-motion, and has several features I like, such as: 1) I can poke my nose into scenes when I want to 2) Conversely, it doesn't hinder anyone if I don't show up so I can wander off without feeling guilty 3) I can make multiple characters so if my current one doesn't fit a scene I can make another one (I've only made one so far, but I'm sure I'll make more eventually) 4) it's slow enough that I don't get lost trying to keep up.
* Joined bard_bloom's Game of Worlds, which is a Google Group for shared world-building. Also a low-stress creative thingie.
* The last couple of weeks, I've tried to set aside 8AM-8:30AM during the week as "fiction writing time", with moderate success. This morning I used it to start this entry instead, and a few mornings I've either used it to write on one of the above-mentioned forums, or skipped it to play Puzzle Pirates. But since starting the habit, I've written (checks), um, 5200 words on one story. Which is more than I thought I'd done. A largish chunk of that was written the weekend before last, however, when I wasn't doing any roleplay, so it's not all due to the dedicated time. And it's a new story, which always goes faster. I haven't posted any of the new story anywhere. I don't feel very good about my writing these days. I should probably do more writing exercises.

The majority of the participants on the supervillian forum are artists, and there's a bunch of character sketches posted. I doodled up a picture of my character in Artrage 2, which remains a surprisingly nice way to do sketches. I'm not too crazy about doing color work in it. Oddly this, is because it feels too digital when compared with Corel's PhotoPaint. PhotoPaint really does have a wonderful selection of brush types, and I like the way its tools feel. So far, Artrage's brushes don't feel as much like real media, even though that's Artrage's main focus.
I've played around a little more in Artrage with other sketches, too.

Apart from that, I finished three plates and two tiles at All Fired Up while I was visiting John. And drew a new picture. So, I don't know, let's say six art points for March.
Once again, another stellar month for goofing off. Lots of boardgaming in Florida, and lots of Puzzle Pirates and City of Heroes at home.
More of this than really necessary, especially during the Florida trip. I've been sloppier about tracking it, too.

This was a bad month for exercise, due to the trip to Florida. Exercise is always the first thing to go when there's a disruption to my routine. Even so, managed 14 times out of the month, which is about 2/3rds of my goal. Missed 8 sessions, 6 of which were due to the trip. So feeling okay about that.

Spent a week in Florida, which was wonderful. This was ostensibly for a week-long work conference, which took up:

3 hours Monday
3 hours Tuesday
8 hours Wednesday
8 hours Thursday
5 hours Friday

I headed down the Friday before the conference and came back the Sunday afterwards. The whole thing felt a lot like a most-expenses-paid vacation. I was going to post the highlights from the vacation perspective here, but I'm gonna move them to their own post instead because otherwise it's be the whole post.


I did some yardwork. Still useless.

Be happy:
Not doing great on this count, either, but I've been more happy than not this month, and the overall trend seems positive. I really should get in the habit of paying attention to this daily, as it's hard to gauge in retrospect.
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