Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Welcome to the Rouge Isles

terrycloth and I talked jurann into re-activating his CoH account to play with us. While fooling around with a team of three not-very-well-suited-to-grouping-together characters, we talked about making new ones.

The other day, I'd made a comment to Terry about a "rouge" in an Architect (ie, player-created) mission. "It makes me want to make a group where that's intentional. With Rouge and Foundation and Lipstick and stuff for names." So after I suggested "escaped research super-animals", Terry suggested we go with cosmetics-test animals. "They can be named for the cosmetics that were tested on them." Which all of us liked, so we went with that.

After the requisite fiddling with the costume generator, Terry turned up as the Rouge Rat, a rat stalker in eye-searing red paisley ("Where did you get that outfit?" "I made it out of discarded test swabs for makeup"), I came on as Maskara (name stolen from Jurann), a little black bat corrupter using the sonic and pain sets (a rare instance where my character's powers sort of matched her theme), and Jurann as Eye Shadow, a polar bear brute.

Then we rampaged around Mercy Island, killing snakes for Burke. It was fun! Somehow I always like playing better when it's with a set of thematically-matched characters. I should've tried to get Lut to join us, even if he is pretty burned out on CoH. >:)

We made the new characters on Victory ... I don't know if there's an existing LJ SuperGroup they could join, but I'm tempted to create our own to keep the theme going. I'm not sure what to name it, though. Rouge Isles Experimentals? Rouge Isles Lab Animals? Refugees of the Rouge Isles? I dunno. Maybe Jurann and Terry have some ideas. :)
Tags: city of heroes, gaming
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