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On the very fringes of my memory -- I'm not sure what even brought this up -- is a villain from some children's cartoon. He had long white hair, I think, and strange-colored skin, grey, maybe, or blue. He had sharp features, like an elf. I always wanted him to turn out to be a good guy after all, because I thought he was cute and I wanted all the cute guys to be good. He never did. As I recall, he was quite vile, in fact. Maybe he was supposed to be in love with one of the female protagonists, in that dysfunctional I'll-kidnap-you-and-make-you-mine way that children's cartoons do with their villains? I can't really remember. I think he might've been a prince. Prince L-something.

Does anyone else remember who I'm thinking of?

Addendum: caffeinewabbit remembered the show -- Voltron. The version with the five lion-bots. The character I was thinking of is Lotor, Prince of Doom. And lest anyone take this as a recommendation of the series or a contention that the shows were good, I will note that even as a small child I thought this show lacked coherenece and character development. I thought Lotor was cute, but he was, alas, horridly unpleasant as a person. :)
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