Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Pentagon Asks for Less, Gets More, Complains

It's rather an interesting story. This one is particularly salacious, because the money Congress is appropriating this time is for military jets that Congressmen use. But there was a story some weeks back of Congress fighting to keep a jet fighter program the Pentagon wanted shut down, too.

A couple of quotes from a follow-up story:

Overall, the House trimmed Mr. Obama's budget request for the Pentagon to $636.3 billion, down slightly from the $640.1 billion he sought. But in so doing, House appropriators also rearranged spending priorities, cutting programs Mr. Obama favored and replacing them with items he wanted cut.

"The Pentagon is not the fountain of all knowledge," said Rep. Bill Young, a Florida Republican who was senior appropriator on the House floor last month when the Pentagon spending bill was approved. "They don't have all of the knowledge, and they don't have all of the wisdom. Neither does the administration, neither does the Congress. That's why we work together."

You know, that sounds quite reasonable. Although I can't really think just what Congress would know about military needs that the Pentagon wouldn't. Maybe they're planning a new war they haven't told the Pentagon about yet?
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