Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

August in Resolutions

* GM'd an RP session on Sinai for one of brennabat's PCs.
* Wrote up several character concepts for bard_bloom's 2009 PBEM, and fleshed out one of them for play.
* Started short story.
* Still playing X-Men PBEM, although it's been slow. The GM is planning a hiatus on that PBEM after this "issue", and we'll be starting a Babylon 5 PBEM after it.
* 14 LJ entries (assuming I post this today, anyway.)

Finished the Ferret card for the Crowdsource Tarot. I've been working on another picture, too, but I'll score it when it's done. So one art point for August.

* More Dominion-by-phone than anything else. I talked telnar into buying the original & expansion, too, so I've done some four-player games with one to two people phoning in.
* Still burned out on MMOs. Even Puzzle Pirates is meh. Playing it some anyway, when I'm bored and don't want to do anything else. Played CoH a few times, but it's almost to the point where I might as well cancel it.
* Playing Race for the Galaxy occasionally, mostly against terrycloth, and sometimes against random strangers when Terry's not around. This is on a very basic web implementation of the RtfG card game. Apparently, I've been crashing the server with my wonky browser problems. O_o The admin asked me to avoid doing a couple of things and the server's been more stable since then. But two of the games I've joined are bugged: they won't accept any selection for my next action. *sigh*
* Lut and I have been watching Torchwood and the new Doctor Who season one. They're okay, but I'm afraid neither of us is terribly enthused about either one. Lut got a collection of "classic films" off of Woot, and we watched "Fistful of Dollars", which was pretty cool.

* I've been eating a lot of melon lately, and less junkfood. No weight loss, though.

* 21 sessions! That was the target for August, so yay. Okay, technically it won't be 21 sessions until I jog home from work today, but I will. Don't worry.

* I almost didn't have a visit for August, but tahkhleet surprised me by coming through town. So I got to spend a couple of days with her, which was lovely. I taught her Dominion, too. Spreading the infection!

* I tried, and failed, to get a garage door opener remote. That works. I have one that doesn't work.
* I succeeded at getting a working garbage disposal, though, which finally fixed the drainage problem with the kitchen sink.
* Also got the gutters cleaned.
So, doing better than average on the home maintenance front.

Be happy: I didn't keep track day-by-day this month, but it's been a good month. Today is kind of a blip of badness, but overall I've been pretty even and content.
Tags: 2009 nyr, life, nyr
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