Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

World Tree -- Call for Players

I'm thinking of running a World Tree game online. The venue will probably be the holodecks on FurryMUCK, unless all or nearly all of my players are already on Sinai MUCK. Sessions will be scheduled at some regular time convenient for all participants, and will be expected to last 2-4 hours.

I'll be using the World Tree RPG system, which will mark the first time in ... um ... fourteen years? that I've run a game using an actual published role-playing system. It'll also be the first time in, well ever, that I've GM'd a setting I didn't invent myself. Even when I was in grade school running AD&D 1.0e (and before D&D came in numbered editions), I made up my own settings. I don't promise not to start on or send the PC to a branch I invent myself or something, though. I intend to run this as an old-school RPG, meaning:

a) The PCs will be adventurers seeking out dangerous situations.
b) The PCs will be expected to work together as a group and generally like and trust one another (and be trustworthy, at least as far as the other PCs are concerned).*
c) Adventures may or may not have a strong connection with any of the PCs: "You are going to the ruins of Mossidar because Egalad the Collector hired you to retrieve a 23rd century glirry bouquet by renowned designer Thymewort the Green that's supposed to be there. Try not to get killed by the nest of ulgrane pirates that have taken up residence over it."
d) There will be combats. Violence may not always be the answer, but a reasonable fraction of the time, addressing problems by setting them on fire with magic and beating them repeatedly with heavy and/or sharp objects will be a perfectly acceptable solution.

* Unless it turns out that all of my players are not just willing to tolerate but actually looking forward to intraparty conflict and arguing with other PCs. Otherwise, I'll shoot for a party of people who share mostly the same moral and ethical outlook, and not to have Rosethorn the Knight of Unblemished Goodness and Malefico the Dark Assassin in the same group. I don't really expect this to eliminate intraparty conflict, just trying to cut down on some of the extremes.

I have run old-school RPGs before, but not online and not in the last fifteen years or so. So this whole idea is largely outside of of my experience. This seems to be a good idea right now. I expect to run the game until it doesn't seem like a good idea any more, which I predict will be in somewhere between one and forty-eight months.

Players are expected to be at least somewhat familiar with the World Tree setting. If you read sythyry, you're already sufficiently familiar with it. If you don't read sythyry, you really should. I mean, seriously, what're you doing reading this when there's an entire archive of Sythyry entries you could be reading?

Players are also expected to be familiar with the World Tree rules, which pretty much means owning or borrowing a copy of them. The rulebook is available from Amazon for $22.76 at the moment. If you'd like to play and are willing to read the rules but can't afford a copy, talk to me -- I may be willing to buy you a copy myself. :)

I don't expect to start play immediately; this is partly a call to get PC ideas so I can think about what sorts of adventure would work well, and partly to see if I know anyone who's interested before I sink a bunch (more) time into thinking about it. So drop a comment if you'd like to play!
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