Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Art -- Kijji

After I posted the Ferret picture for the Crowdsource Tarot, octantis commented with a link to okojosan's weaselblog, which is chock full of adorable ferret pictures. One picture in particular caught my eye: Marcus Is an Oaf.

The thing that really grabbed me about this photo was the combination of adorable and sinister. It's a photo that says to me: "I am eviiiiiil! I will eat your sou!! Rub my tummy!"

It immediately made me think of Kijji, terrycloth's sometimes-weasel demon, who is insane, evil, and strangely cute. Terrycloth has been writing about Kijji in a World Tree fanfic recently, so I decided to take a stab a doing a portrait of Kijji using the photo as a reference. The portrait is based on a description of Kijji I have from MUCKing with Terry, rather than any form he's used so far in the LJ story. okojosan generously provided me with a larger version of the photo to work from, and this is the result.

Kijji: the mind-devouring demon-weasel demands tummy rubs

And an icon-sized version, with a caption provided by Lut that seemed appropriate for both Kijji and the picture.

Why so serious?
Tags: art
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