Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Maersk Alabama vs Pirates: 2-0

Armed security really earned their pay in this case. The Maersk Alabama -- the same ship that was attacked by pirates in April, whose captain was taken hostage and rescued by the US Navy -- was attacked by pirates again. Eeep! But this time they had a security detail for protection, and the pirates were scared off. Which makes me happy.

But this bit in particular caught my eye:

"Armed security is not the preferred route," Mr. Speers said, but added that the company had decided to hire the guards because the Alabama regularly sails in the high-risk waters to deliver food aid [emphasis added]. He said that the move had been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. "It's something they encourage," he said.

So that's what these sailors are risking their lives to deliver, and pirates working so hard to steal: not gold or oil, but food aid. I wonder if the pirates even know what the cargo is, when they attack. I wonder if they're so desperate, or food so scarce, that it wouldn't make any difference if they did know. Makes me doubly proud of the crew, though. I'm glad they're okay.
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