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ladyperegrine posted this meme, courtesy of citrinepoint:

Need some motivation to jump start your art into next year? Take the 30in30 challenge.If you paint, draw, sculpt, make jewelry, blow glass, knit, design whatever it is you do to create. Challenge yourself to make 30 in 30 days. You can start any time, you can choose any size (hint for those who say they don't have time: Make ATC size or minis of your regular work!) Even if you don't complete the challenge you will have more completed work then if you never tried.

Peregrine said she was going to do sketches, and I've been kind of interested in doing art cards since djinni posted about how fun they are. I tend to work big rather than small, on 16"x24" posters or digital canvases so large they crash my PC. I like big. But there's something endearing about little, too: LJ icons are also fun to draw, and it's satisfying to make a small but complete picture. So she and I talked about it and we're going to start on January 1 -- Friday.

Tonight, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a whole bunch of pre-cut overpriced blank art cards. So cute! Because buying art supplies always makes me want to do art.

On a related note, I have a few questions for all of you:

* Anyone else wanna do it at the same time? Just like the meme says, it doesn't have to be pictures. Poems, LJ entries, incense, whatever, counts too.
* Ideas for drawings welcome too! Particularly things you'd like to see drawn, like your characters (or mine, for that matter). I'll probably run out of ideas in short order.
* I like the "art trading card" idea. Whether or not you are interested in the 30-in-30 thing, if you're interested in trading something (art cards, cookies, fiction, whatever) for an art card by me, let me know!

I have no idea how elaborate I'm going to be with the teeny cute cards. I don't expect to do one every day, because schedules of EVERY DAY wear me out. I'll try to do a few extra on the weekends so I can have breaks. I'm gonna take cellphone pix of them as I do them to send to Peregrine. The ones I actually like I'll scan and post to LJ eventually, I expect. I think it'll be fun. :)
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