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2009 New Year's Resolutions -- December

Yes, I know, most everyone's done their 2009 wrap-up already. I'm not especially punctual about these things. :) This is my post to wrap-up December. I'll probably do a year-in-review-ish thing, and some sort of 2010 resolutions thing.

8 LJ entries
10 entries in Unfinished Tales (split between Sign & Sacrifice, and Birthright)
Played in:
Dragon quasi-PBEM
Bradley's Babylon 5 PBEM (which was possibly killed by $WINTERHOLIDAYS; it's been a couple of weeks since I heard from Bradley about it.)
World Tree game on FurryMUCK (which ran every week, $WINTERHOLIDAYS or no, amazingly enough.)

Uhhh. I don't think I did any drawing in December. Well, I made three party hats and doodled at the New Year's Eve party. Arguably this counts, but ... no. I didn't make anything I'd want to keep. Zero art points for December.

Did okay at playing. Starting to feel burned out on the World Tree game; I'm hoping starting a new story arc on Thursday will help with that.

Eat: still eating. Still neurotic about it. Doing better about eating foods I really like, and meh at eating healthy foods.

On a tangential note, I'm getting pretty sick of the "prepared foods are EEEEEEVIL!" meme. It's not so much that I think there's necessarily nothing to it, it's just ... remember when Science said that liver was good for you? Remember when soy beans were a health food? When being a vegetarian was better for you than eating meat? Yeah. I'm just not feeling the love for the Latest Findings of Science and the Interwebs when it comes to food any more. I'm willing to accept that fresh fruit and non-starchy vegetables are good for me, because that contention has been fairly consistent throughout my lifetime, at least. Everything else feels like a fad that might be overturned by the next seksay new food idea.

Exercise: 24 times (out of 23 expected)! Booyah! Kinda fell apart over the long weekend, but I got back on the wagon on Sunday so it's all good. I've been mainly doing wimpy workouts that amount to shimmying and other dance moves for an hour while standing in front of my netbook and playing Race for the Galaxy. This isn't as intense as jogging or using the exercise bike (where I pay attention to resistance and speed and make sure I don't wimp out), but I do it for about twice as long so it probably evens out.

Visit: I almost failed this in December, but I got a last-minute reprieve when a co-worker invited me to her New Year's Eve party. So I went out on New Year's Eve. To a social event. In person. With actual other people present. I don't remember the last time I went to a NYE party. It was fun. We made party hats with construction paper and glitter glue.

Live: I ... um ... shoveled snow? Home maintenance didn't really happen this month.

Be happy: :)
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