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2009 Resolution Report Card

LJ nonfiction: 121 entries.
Other nonfiction: dozen or so items

* Birthright: 11 entries
* Sign & Sacrifice: 6 entries

Other fiction:
* Winter Dawn: 5200 words (unfinished novel)
* The Unicorn in the Backyard (finished short story)
* Word of the Indefinite Time Period shorts: 12
* Spell-Spinning (exercise meme): 1
* Writing exercises: 7

* Fanfic quasi-PBEM: Jan.
* Tkresh: Aug-Oct.
* X-Men: Jan-Sept.
* Dragon: Sept-Dec.
* Babylon 5: Sept-Dec.

Other RP:
* Mirari: 2
* Sinai: Jan-June, 10 sessions.
* World Tree: Sept-Dec, approx. 20 sessions
* Light RP: 7-8 sessions.
* IHU: few dozen posts in March
* Game of Worlds: dozen or so posts In March

Art points: 15
This is about as well as I expected to do. Maybe a little better. The 30in30 challenge by itself is going to give me a lot more art points in 2010.

I did well on this front -- did quite a lot more roleplay this year than I'd realized. Five different PBEMs, three formal MUCK settings and a few informal ones for light RP, one BBS, a couple of tabletop guest-star roles, and one world-building exercise. Um. Wow. Most of them were things I did for an evening or a few weeks, enjoyed, and moved on, but still, that's a lot.

I also played several different computer and board games this year:

* City of Heroes
* Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
* Puzzle Pirates
* Dominion
* Demigod
* Left 4 Dead
* Free Realms
* Perfect World
* Race for the Galaxy
* Settlers of Catan
* Agricola

About half of those are games I learned to play this year. Most of them, sadly, were not long-term winners for me, but I'm glad I've at least tried some new stuff. I will have to try more in 2010, because I'm somewhat bored of everything all of them now. (Except RP -- I'm not /bored/ of RP, but it often requires more creativity than I am in the mood to muster.)

Losing weight was a not-dismal-failure in 2009. I still mostly eat crap, I frequently eat things that aren't good for me even when I don't really enjoy them, and I didn't lose any appreciable weight. On the other hand, I didn't gain either. Given that I gained at least 10 pounds in 2008, staying in place is a kind of success. And my doctor doesn't think I'm overweight (even though I am by all standard measures) so it's not like it's a huge deal. Just a minor annoyance.

My target for the year was 260 sessions. I managed 231. So running a bit under 90%. I want to be more diligent in the future, but frankly, I'm not disappointed by 231. That's a lot of days that I got myself to exercise!

I actually did at least one 'visit' every month, which would be impressive if I didn't count visiting locals as a visit. As it is, the breakdown of in-person social events is:

* Seven plane trips
* Two local cons attended for one day each
* One SCA event for a day.
* Renfest for one day
* Four random social outings
* One houseguest for a couple of days

So fifteen visit-type things. I may have missed a random social event or two, but probably not. It really is pretty scary how rarely I see local people.

This is kind of a technical success. I wanted more like eight out of town trips.

Live (aka, Home Maintenance):
I got maybe ten items off of the scary scary list. There are seven items left, most of which are so brutally terrifying my mind wipes them from my memory in self-defense as soon as I stop looking at the list. It's like reading the Necronomicon.


I didn't have a mechanism for measuring this, so I don't know how I did. I like having this on the list, on the one hand, and on the other I like having measurable items. My resolutions are really goals.

Be Happy:
February through May were apparently not good, judging by my wrap-up comments for each month. January and June-December were good, though.

Anyway, this resolution didn't work and it probably needs to. Not sure what I'm going to do about it.

My overall report card:
Write*: FAIL, and I care.
Draw: Pass
Play: Pass
Eat: Fail, but I don't really care.
Exercise: Pass
Visit: Pass
Home Maintenance: Fail, and I don't really care but I still need to get this stuff done. Also, I did get some stuff done, so progress.
Love: #ERROR? Insufficient data for a meaningful answer at this time.
Be Happy: Pass

* I'll discuss why this was a fail more when I finally set my 2010 resolutions.
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