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Art Cards!

I haven't been posting about this, but I have, in fact, been doing art cards for the 30in30 challenge at a rate of one per day (amazingly enough). I've been taking pictures of each as I finish it to email to ladyperegrine (and now that I think about it, I should've been emailing them to level_head as well, since he was interested in doing the challenge too. Oops. Sorry, sir. I'll email you the next one I finish!)

Today I actually went to the trouble of scanning them all in and uploading them to Flickr. And putting descriptions on them. I do not regret not doing this earlier, because it really is pretty annoying. But here they are! Peregrine has been really good about mentioning her reference for her cards, and I am rather bad about that -- I have a tendancy to look for a reference in Google, and then change a bunch of details in it while using the same general pose. I am trying to cite references here, in those cases where I used one.

This one is my favorite so far, done on day 2 without a reference:

02-Cat-eyed Woman

Possibly my second-favorite, now that I think about it, but my other favorite is a nude mermaid, so I'll put her in a separate NSFW post.

This is the first one I did, which naturally was ridiculously complicated for a 2.5"x3.5" card. Not wild about how it came out.

01-Gift Basket

The next one was the cat-eyed woman posted already, where I decided to go much simpler to avoid being all day about getting one card finished.

Third day was the mermaid, which I'll post separately on account of bare boobies.

On the fourth day I had the inexplicable urge to do something abstract. I should have resisted.

04-Your Guess

Fifth day, I colored one of the sketches I'd done on the third day. Here I opted to draw two people together, because I'm kind of bored of single-figure poses. It was based on a photo of two people not-quite-kissing; my rendition pushed them a little further apart and looks pretty much nothing like the people in the photo reference. Which I can't locate now. Drat.


Day six was coloring another sketch from the third day. While looking for a reference of people kissing, I found one of what looked like squirrels kissing, which was too adorable not to use.

06-Kissing Squirrels

Original photo reference is here: Squirrel Kiss: Mwah!

Seventh day, I started with one of my rejects from attempts at abstracts on day four, and put a figure behind the criss-crossing slats. I rather like this one. No reference.

07-Behind Bars

Day eight: My human figures tend to all look the same, kind of a generic attractive Caucasian-ish person. mcahogarth has mentioned on a number of occassions how she's worked at overcoming that problem herself, and I decided that as long as I'm doing a bunch of pictures anyway I might as well work on drawing some human faces that are distinctive and don't necessarily have Caucasian features. This was the first attempt*.

* I know I didn't give the cat-eyed woman Caucasian skin tone, but she still has basically Caucasian features.

08-Strong Enough

Face partially based on photo reference: Leymah Gbowee.

Day nine: Another attempt at a distinctive face. This one is based on a public-domain portrait of Muhammed Ali, and is almost recognizable as such.


Photo reference:
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