Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

KFC: Slowest Fast Food in the Nation

I really like Indian food. Lut doesn't care for it at all. So when I want Indian food, I order takeout, and Lut asks me to pick up something from the KFC on the way.

Which would be fine, except the KFC on the way is incredibly slow. I phone in my order for the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant, and they tell me "it'll be ready in 10-15 minutes". It takes 10-15 minutes to drive there, and I think only once has my order not been ready when I arrived (it took a couple extra minutes that time).

I either walk in to KFC or go through the drive-through to place my order. On average, they also take 10-15 minutes to fill my order from the time I place it.

Which would be fine, if only I could phone in my order to them, too. Y'know, in the age of smartphones and internet ordering, fast food restaurants really aren't as convenient as they used to be.
Tags: life, whinging

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