Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Ritual of Leaf Disposal, Part the Second

Yestereve, I entered the den and spoke thusly with Lut: "As I did return from the late-night market, I did see that certain among our neighbors have placed bags of leaves and yea, even bundles of sticks, upon the curb in the manner prescribed for the ritual of leaf disposal. Therefore I do propose to do the same with ours."*

* Translated from the mundane.

"So thou wilt engage the principal of sympathy, that our yard-refuse may be removed with theirs?"

"Yea, verily!"

Thus did we place the bags of leaves which had wintered within our carriage-house upon the curb, in the manner prescribed by the spirits.

And lo! This morn, when I awoke, the bags were gone! Praise be to the Lord, for the ritual is a success!

*does the happy leaves-are-gone-yay! dance*
Tags: life
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