Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

The State of Income Tax (oh wait, I mean, my state income tax)

Action Log:
ZOMG still need to do MO tax return and it's April 14th well I've got 13 minutes before I need to get to work so:
ActivityTime Spent

Finding the right page from which to get the correct tax form:
30 seconds

Filling out wrong form because my desktop browser didn't download the entire page of links
1 minute

Getting desktop computer to load link for and save correct tax form
4 minutes

Filling out tax form*
14 minutes

Locating slightly mildewed envelope in basement with which to mail tax form
1 minute

Caring that my state taxes will be mailed in a slightly mildewed envelope
2.1 seconds

Emailing tax return to myself at work to print
30 seconds

Figuring out which pages of the 16-page form I needed to print
2 minutes

Re-printing document because the pdf has its own embedded print function you need to use to print, which also helps determine which forms you have to print
2 minutes

Addressing envelope and putting in mail
3 minutes

Total time spent dealing with state tax return

Additonal factoids

Number of minutes late to work

Net Refund from Missouri

Five dollars? Really, Missouri Department of Revenue? Really? I'd tell you to keep it but you'd just send Guido after me.

Conclusion: doing the state taxes took a little longer than I expected, mostly not because of things the state did. Even so, at less than 30 minutes, it's not really worth paying extra to have a program do them for me. Especially since a program doesn't take zero time, either (though it would take considerably less, especially if it can e-file. I couldn't see a way to e-file on Missouri's website, although I'm pretty sure it's possible.)

Anyway: really truly done with taxes for 2009 now, this time for sure.

* Missouri changed the way they handle the pdf this year: now their 1040 pdf contains 16 pages of different forms, including all kinds of forms that it auto-completes in case they matter, but they don't. I spent a few extra minutes navigating the additional forms to make sure they didn't matter.

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