Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,


For those of you familiar with using xml --

I want to be able to code an xml form which will do basic mathmatical operations and store data. For exmple, my end user would see a form that said "Enter X" and "Enter Y", and after the user entered X & Y, the page would calculate X/Y, display the result, and then store everything.

Now, my actual question is not "how do I do this?" but "how annoying is it to learn enough xml to know how to do this sort of thing?" It seems like a simple enough kind of thing, but I've not actually coded in xml before. I will have access to an exceedingly simple xml form designer which will do the "enter and store X&Y" part, but not do operations based on the data entered. I kinda want to just manually edit the designer's code and add the other stuff, but I'm not sure if this falls in the category of "browse webpages on xml coding and figure it out" or "get an xml book and figure it out" or "1-day training course" or "college class". Suggestions?
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